Domijump Trampolines Endorsed by Multinational Retail Stores


Shaoxing, Zhejiang -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2015 -- Domijump, a popular manufacturers and supplier trampoline equipment has been endorsed by the top brand retail stores in the world. These include Auchan, Correfour and Walmart among other reputable international retail stores. This was announced by Mr. Weng who is the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Some of the key reasons that have attributed to these include:

Quality manufacturing process

To ensure that the company maintains its consistency in the quality manufacturing process, the company has in the recent past invested in quite a number of research and development projects. The company has invested in a $1,000,000 in a research and development department. This aims at improving the quality of the entire manufacturing process.

These trampolines meet the required standards recommended by the regulatory authorities. This includes the American Society for Testing and Materials(ASTM), the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), GS and CE. The Domijump trampolines can be sold in all the global markets. Normally, the multinational retail stores can only endorse those products that can meet the requirements of their diverse market environments. These trampolines are tested severally to satisfy these strict certification standards.


The fact that Domijump has been putting more emphasis in ensuring that all products are safe is also another reason as to why the company has been endorsed by Auchan, Correfour and Walmart among other multinational stores.

Domijump has invested quite a lot of its resources on safety. It is a common phenomenon for all the reputable companies to associate their brands with safe products. The company has also improved on the quality of their trampolines.

"We believe that all our products should meet the desired quality criteria that can offer the best energy entertainment at affordable prices for individuals. We are proud to have trampolines that have been endorsed by some of the best retail stores in the world," Mr. Weng said in an interview. "That confidence is what every manufacturer and consumer is craving for; for their reliability and consistency in quality. Just ensuring that people trust the Domijump trampolines," he added.

The company has introduced quite a number of products that have all been indorsed by these companies. These include round and rectangular trampolines. It manufactured other trampoline parts such as springs, ladders, frame pads, spring tools, foam sleeves and plastic parts.

The company provides quite a number of useful resources through their local and international stores. These include training videos, workshops, books and trained personnel who offer technical advice/expertise. The company is also keen to get feedback from their customers, a reason why the company has been improving the quality standards of their products. These are some of the few products in the market that can be trusted.

About Domijump
This is the best trampoline and trampoline parts manufacturer and supplier in China. The company was established in 2006 and it has expanded over the years. As at 2015, the company registered sales of over 5 million dollars. The Domijump trampoline products have been endorsed by the most reputable multinational retail store such as Auchan, Walmart and Correfour among other global companies.

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