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Don Ang Health Consulting Discusses Genital Herpes Treatment

Don Ang Health Consulting has stepped up to discuss a popular genital herpes treatment.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2013 -- Genital Herpes is a topic that may be embarrassing for some to discuss with their friends, family members and even their healthcare provider and Don Ang Health understand this. This is why Dong Ang Health Consulting has taken the time to discuss genital herpes treatment to the general public.

Individuals who have herpes constantly look up information on how to get rid of herpes. Don Ang Health Consulting has created a blog of their own. Individuals who go to this blog will get top notch information on different forms of herpes, including herpes simplex 2 treatment.

On the blog, Don Ang Health Consulting tells individuals the symptoms of genital herpes. The symptoms they give are:

- Itching in the genital area
- Stinging in the genital area
- Feeling tired
- Pain in the lower back and legs
- Headaches
- Pain when urinating
- Blisters in the genital area

They then move forward to explaining the different types of genital herpes treatment to use – both antiviral medication and topical treatments are discussed. The antiviral medication, such as Penciclovir will help slow down the duplication rates of the virus.

Doon Ang Health Consulting believes in offering natural, safe and effective remedies to individuals who have this virus.

Don Ang Health Consulting also supports the information in the Sarah Wilcox herpes book. Sarah Wilcox suffered from herpes simplex virus type 2 for a couple of years. It was transmitted to her from her ex-husband. In the book, she talks about how to treat this ailment. Sarah Wilcox has claimed that she found a successful way to get rid of herpes and she is not afraid to share it with the general public. She states that doctors won’t even talk about this method, let alone prescribe it. The product she created is called “Get Rid of Herpes” and it is backed by her Sarah Wilcox’s claim that it treated her herpes.

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Don Ang Health Consulting believes in the product called “Get Rid of Herpes,” which was created by Sarah Wilcox.

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