Don Gould's Web-Based Radio Talk Show to Wake Up America

‘Wake up America: Get real!’ has created much waves worldwide for its bold approach


Downey, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- In this internet era, radio broadcasting is done through the web as well and this medium of radio transmission is being utilized as a very resourceful medium since quite some time. The world has already discovered the immense potential of internet radio as an amazing entertainment as well as information option. A number of radio talk shows on a wide variety of topics ranging from burning social issues to political debates to gossips of the entertainment world are all hosted on internet radios these days and since majority of people across the globe are net savvy in the present times, the response that these web-based radio talk shows get is simply mind blowing.

 One very remarkable internet radio talk show that has created much sensation worldwide for its spirited bold declarations is hosted by Don Gould. Gould is a personality with great expertise in Foreign policy affairs and he is also a passionate globe trekker who has intently studied the political climate and psychology of different countries. He is the right person to host a web-radio talk show like ‘Wake up America: Get Real!’ and he hosts this web-based radio talk show on the  online site, a reputed web station for talk radio shows on current up-to-date hot topics.

In the different episodes of his internet radio talk show ‘Wake up America: Get Real!’ Don Gould underlines the critical issues influencing today’s world. After returning back to America from his world tours Gould intends to rescue his home-nation from what all that threatens to demolish its unity, economy, its foundation.

He invites people to participate jointly through the talk show in the dissection venture he intends to undertake for things like Class Warfare, Political Correctness, Radical Islam and the Absence of direction and incompetency in handling economic affairs put forward by Obama Administration. Through the talk show Gould wants to open the eyes of people towards the real Obama, make them realize how his goals can prove destructive for America and all the episodes of this web-based radio talk show are zealously dedicated towards waking up America, the Americans to find a feasible solution to the problem.

Some of the major episodes of this web-based radio talk show are as follows: ‘Obama’s Weak and Irresponsible Foreign Policy Fails on All Fronts’, ‘The Systematic Destruction of America’s Christian Values and Morals’, ‘Obama’s Divisive Attack on the Second Amendment (Gun Control)’ etc. These critical issues highlighted by Don Gould indeed compel Americans and also the world to view the issues in a different light.

“I am really impressed by Don Gould’s web-radio talk show. His dauntless declarations are really motivating” says one who likes the show. For more info visit