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Donald Ham Has Invented a New Bluetooth Device Called U-Hook


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- The Bluetooth is a handy device for people of the go, connecting to a Smartphone or other mobile device and providing hands-free operation. This is particularly critical for people driving in states where it is illegal to operate an automobile while talking on a mobile phone.

That being said, the Bluetooth – small and lightweight – is easy to misplace if one is not wearing it. Donald Ham of Indianapolis has the solution.

It’s called the Bluetooth U-hook and it’s a simple plastic gadget that attaches the Bluetooth to a mobile phone, the inside of a car, a desk or anywhere else that makes it easier to find. By using this product, Bluetooth owners don’t have to feel like they always have to wear the device.

“This product came to mind when I bought my first Bluetooth,” said Ham, who develops specialty software and builds websites for a living. “After wearing it for a while I wondered where to put it. I knew I could just put it in my pocket, but I thought it would be better attach it to my phone for easy storage.

“After doing some research I was surprised to find that nothing like this existed.”

So he developed a prototype and tested it out. The hook attached to the Bluetooth with a strong, peel-off adhesive. Ham found that it was sturdy and simplified storage. “Since the hooks are small and inexpensive, you can buy several of them,” he explained. “One in your car, one at your desk and another wherever you want. You’ll always know where your Bluetooth is.”

The next step was to secure patents for the Bluetooth U-hooks. Now he’s ready to finalize the design and hit the market.

Ham figures he needs about $15,000 for design work, a professional 3D product rendering, testing, materials, production and marketing. In order to generate this start-up capital, he has launched a Kickstarter campaign that can be viewed at

Those who would like to support this project can donate any amount by visiting the page. For donations of $10 or more, backers will receive the first copies of the Bluetooth U-hooks.

Ham would like to create personalized versions of the hooks, in different colors and with specially-made designs.

“We want to be able to customize the U-hooks so they don’t look so plain and become a fun item to have,” he said. “We want people to be able to put their favorite photos on the product and have preset design options.”

For further information, including a video demonstration of the Bluetooth U-hook, visit

Ham can be reached directly at

About Donald Ham
Donald Ham is the inventor of the U-hook Bluetooth device. He is from Indianapolis. This device is lightweight, inexpensive and will benefit lots of people. Now he has launched a Kickstarter campaign that can be viewed at

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