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Donald Ray Glacial Energy Advice for: Retail Energy Marketers Like Glacial Energy Who is Expecting Further Growth in 2012


Bozeman, MT -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2011 -- Retail energy marketer Glacial Energy expects continued growth in 2012 as more commercial and industrial consumers seek lower electricity costs. The retail electricity supplier buys electricity wholesale from utilities in 16 markets and sells it to businesses.

The deregulation of electricity markets in the late 90’s was intended to spur competition and thereby lower prices for commercial consumers. With the goal of fulfilling that intent, energy entrepreneur Gary Mole formed Glacial Energy in 2005. Known in the industry as a retail electric provider (REP), Glacial Energy had its sights set on lowering costs as much as 20 percent for commercial and industrial electricity consumers.

According to energy entrepreneur and consultant for Glacial Energy Don Bernard, Mole had negotiated major power agreements with large electricity generators before deregulation and became a major force in the deregulation process. By 2005, Mole had begun to assemble the core group of energy experts that would drive the generator-neutral service company.

Glacial Energy would buy its energy from electricity generators that offer the best pricing, terms and conditions to pass savings along to commercial consumers. “Gary knew firsthand how much costs had become an issue for companies in the U.S. and founded Glacial Energy to create an alternative that could lower their electricity costs,” said Don Bernard.

The company’s success would come from leveraging a streamlined business model and a truly advanced back office infrastructure to offer commercial consumers around the country a superior package. By decade’s end, Glacial Energy and its subsidiary Glacial Natural Gas, Inc. was one of the fastest growing retail energy marketers in the United States. The national power retailer now operates in 16 deregulated markets across the country. Consequently, 2012 and beyond looks like major growth years for the company as more commercial clients seek cost savings, service flexibility and energy supply dependability.

Today, the company provides electricity cost savings of as much as 20 percent below many utility providers. In addition, clients enjoy short and long-term contracts, no switching or maintenance fees and uninterrupted power. “By continuing to provide commercial consumers with superior cost savings, flexibility and dependability, we expect continued future growth regardless of market forces,” said Glacial Energy CEO Gary Mole.

For more information, please visit http://www.GlacialEnergy.com

About Glacial Energy
Glacial Energy is a retail energy marketer selling electricity (and natural gas via subsidiary Glacial Natural Gas Inc.) to commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in 16 deregulated markets. The company’s energy experts have many years of experience in commercial energy markets. As one of the fastest growing industrial energy companies in the U.S., their goal is to help new and established businesses save money on electricity costs through a variety of product offerings.