Donald Trump Painting Explores His Controversial Relationship with Women

In the back drop of Donald Trump's inauguration and the historic Women's March, 'Inside Trump's Locker" studies a campaign that showcased a lack of respect to women and casual misogyny.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2017 -- Inspired by what Meryl Streep labeled as a "performance" that polarized a nation and provided a platform to the presidency, 'Inside Trump's Locker' (2016) is a real-time painting that points towards a reign that will come to change American politics; for good or bad.

As a post Internet artist James Jarvis aims to take Internet aesthetics and themes to traditional art media such as painting and drawing. For the last year he has been proclaiming the rise of Donald Trump due to a media that has helped him build a platform and set him apart from his competitors.

James Jarvis views Donald Trump as a marketing genius who managed to brand himself into the thoughts of his voters since day one.

In an era of self made Internet stars it is no wonder that a prolific Twitter user with a strong (right-wing) voice managed to make it to the White House despite questionable moral stance that has been brought up numerous times during the campaign trail.

Choosing to concentrate on the new president's controversial relationship with women, James Jarvis's Donald Trump painting features:

- A trophy wife in Melania Trump who straddles the American flag opposite a bombastic Donald Trump.

- A defeated Hilary Clinton who was cleared two times by the FBI over an email hacking scandal and who experienced a tough campaign facing an unpredictable political opponent.

- The infamous "Grab Them By The Pussy" scandal that saw Donald Trump label his casual boasts of sexual harassment as "Locker-room banter".

Completed in a pixelrealism painting style, a term James Jarvis coined to describe the translation of (pixelated) images to canvas, this Donald Trump painting aims to preserve a pivotal moment of history in American politics in a contemporary way.

The release of 'Inside Trump's Locker' gains additional relevance with the record numbers recorded during Women's March who have targeted their protests atDonald Trump's "cheap misogyny" and looks to become on par with other great American protests such as the Civil Rights and the Vietnam War.

Post Internet Art by James Jarvis

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