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Doncaster Laser Announces New Water Jetting Machines for 2014


Doncaster, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2014 -- Since 1997 Doncaster Laser Services has been manufacturing laser cutter components for national delivery. They now have ambitions to develop their unrivalled quality services to include water jet machines. The water jets will be available from 2014, for industries across the UK.

Water jet machines offer a revolutionary method of cutting hard materials such as metal and granite, with high-pressure water and an abrasive substance. Although commonly used in heavy duty engineering, the machine is also popular in mining, aerospace, agricultural and rubber cutting and shaping – to name a few. It is particularly useful for cutting materials that are sensitive to high temperatures.

Doncaster Laser believes these new water jet machines will really move the business forward and broaden their capabilities as a cutting component manufacturer. They will be part of a separate unit to complement their existing facilities.

The water jet machines are expected to benefit many existing Doncaster Laser customers, as well as attracting new ones. The benefits of water jet cutters include: eliminating need for more machine processes, cheaper, cuts many thicknesses and shapes, no heat generation, smooth finish, can remove small amounts of material.

Doncaster Laser Services will use the same high standard of bespoke service when manufacturing and delivering water jet cutters. They deliver anywhere in the UK seven days a week. Customer satisfaction is the goal of their fully trained and experienced staff.

For more information on the water jet machines and Doncaster Laser’s services, call 0843 636 5422 or email