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Dongpeng Ceramic Co., Ltd. Tell You the Notebook of History, Ceramic Tile's Past and Present


Guangzhou, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- Ceramic tiles are everywhere playing an ordinary but significant role to decorate our living space. Speaking of decoration, ceramic tile is now being called decorative ceramic tile, which is not merely used to floor, since it has various colors and different styles, it is also a large part in the decoration of bathtub, cabinet, bookcase and so on. It contains glazed floor tile, crystal porcelain tile, marble floor tiles, ceramic floor tiles and so on.

Decorative ceramic tile is so closed to people, but how much do you know about it? How did it come about and how did it developed?

The history of ceramic tile can trace back to BC when the early people use some polished stones to record the stories about angels and saints. As similar with the ancient China that bamboos were used for writing, those polished stones could be treated as the notebook of history of the day. Judged from the making and processing method, Egypt can be rewarded as the earliest ceramic tile factory. Early Egyptians dried the clay in the sun and colored it. With the processed clay, Egyptians could decorate their walls in some chambers. The development of ceramic tile reached its peak in Islamic countries where the tiles were painted with flowers and plants. In the medieval England, people first floored the church and monastery with ceramic tiles in different colors. Afterwards, the use of tile was popular all over the world and different types of tiles which were of great significance as a landmark successively appeared on the stage of decoration, such as Italy floor tile in renaissance, the glazed tile in Antwerp and the Mosaic tile in Spain.

Ceramic tiles were all made by hand, from shaping to coloring. Every tile is a unique work of art which contains a lot of labor. But nowadays, the production of ceramic tile is based on modern technology of automation. Human's labor is just used for operating the machines. The only part the same as ancient world is that ceramic tiles are vital in house decoration.

In 21st century, the material, shape, color and surface of ceramic tile are all improved to meet the upper standard. Today's manufacturers are aiming at producing the tiles with abundant color and texture which can be suitable for all styles of house decoration, for example the marble tile which is fit for natural socialist style, and the crystal tiles which stands for luxury and dignity. The personal needs and civilization are taken into consideration more often than in ancient society did.

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