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Donich Law Professional Corporation Unveils Tips for Improving Rape Case Handling

Hundreds of thousands of women are sexually assaulted in Canada each year. See how Donich Law's recommendations for handling these cases can help improve these statistics at


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2016 -- Statistics Canada reports that there were 472,000 self-reported cases of rape across Canada in 2009. Women Against Violence Against Women, a rape crisis help organization, suggests that this number has gone up and predicts that half of the women in Canada will be raped, sexually assaulted, or sexually abused in their lifetime. Unfortunately, only 8 percent of these incidents will be reported to law enforcement.

It is with these women in mind that Donich Law Professional Corporation is introducing their recommendations for law enforcement and government officials who want to help change these troubling statistics. Their recommendations serve to help these people understand how to create a more supportive system for victims of rape and sexual assault. The law firm has become a vital resource in the Toronto area and beyond for both victims of sexual assault and those who are being prosecuted for such crimes.

Jordan Donich, the attorney at the helm of the firm, stated, "Rape and sexual assault statistics are at an all-time high. If Canada wants to lower these numbers, it's important that law enforcement and government officials provide adequate support for victims. The legal system seems to give victims an unfair ultimatum. If they say nothing to law enforcement, they'll have to suffer in silence. If they do say something, they don't get to be involved in the decision to press charges and may have to relive the incident for years in court. The only way to make things better for victims is to change the way we handle cases."

Donich goes on to say, "Our firm is first recommending that cops and court officials be trained to be more sensitive to the needs of sexual assault victims. It's important for victims to feel that they are fully supported, that they have a voice in the matter, and that they are free to choose whether or not charges are pressed against their attacker. It's also vital that we find ways to speed up the legal process. The average sexual assault case lasts for 300 days, and this discourages victims from pursuing justice. Creating a separate court can definitely help."

"We care about this community and the people in it. Rape and sexual assault are serious problems that need to be dealt with now. We believe that our recommendations will be helpful in making sure that victims are able to speak out without fear and that guilty parties are punished as they should be."

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