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Donsense 3D Offering Superior Lenticular Postcard Printing at Great Savings

Donsense 3D, the global print advertisement solutions company based out of China, is offering quick and efficient lenticular postcard printing solutions at great savings.


Hong Kong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2020 -- Fifteen years on, Donsense 3D is at the forefront of lenticular printing. The company uses lenticular technology to the fullest efficiency to deliver innovative, appealing, and customized print advertisement solutions. Donsense operates out of Hong Kong and has a growing and diversified customer base in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. The company has a reputation for timeliness, ensuring the quick output of the assignment without cutting corners on quality. While the prices depend on quantity, size, back printing and other factors, the company restricts overheads and mark-ups to deliver cost-effective printing solutions across the board.

The spokesperson at Donsense 3D recently stated, "Lenticular burst on to the scene in the 1930s and went on to gain mainstream acceptance in advertising. The technology involves lenticular lenses and special plastic material to create 3 D printed images that give an illusion of depth. The image might even change or seems to move when viewed from different angles. Lenticular printing is widely used by a marketer for posters, magazines to book covers, to attract attention and sales. Donsense 3D has perfected the science of lenticular in over 15 years of service. We have the right mix of talent and technology to support any print advertisement requirement."

Donsense is widely relied on for diligently printed 3D lenticular posters, large format lenticular printing, lenticular postcards, lenticular fridge magnets, lenticular book covers, lenticular DVD and blue-ray inserts, lenticular fabric, lenticular business cards, and more. Speaking of technological prowess, the company has cutting edge equipment, such as RD designing eco-friendly PET lenticular sheet, software, UV 5 colour printer, and Kodak CTP output equipment. The infrastructure allows the company to deliver a wide range of effects, including 3D, flip, zoom, animation, mixed like 3D+flip, and so on. Given Donsense's commitment to bespoke solutions, clients can expect solutions tailored to their exact needs and bottom line.

On 3D Lenticular Postcard Printing, the spokesperson further stated, "Postcards are used as both, elegant invites and promotional tools. However, the worth and appeal of the standard postcard can be amplified with the power of 3D lenticular printing. Donsense 3D has been doing it day in and day out since the year 2005 for clients internationally. Whether it's unique 3D or animated images, we do it all with trademark precision. We can use several images to create the appearance of animation as the lenticular image is moved up and down or side to side. We are equally efficient in employing several layers of a single image to create a 3D appearance."

The custom lenticular postcards give extended space for the message and present a brand in the best way possible. These postcards work best for everyone, from an architect keen on displaying his/her skills to a cosmetologist wanting to draw attention with 'before and after' pictures. Even people looking for a save-the-date card can also add elegance and charm to their memories.

About Donsense 3D
Donsense 3D is the recognizable leader in the lenticular print advertisement space since the year 2005. The company employs a high calibre web portal, to accept orders for posters, postcards, fridge magnets, book covers, DVD and blue-ray inserts, fabric, business cards, and more. Donsense is capable of maintaining quality standards while restricting the lenticular printing cost.