"Don't Call It a Come Back" Says Pro-Boxer Antonio Tarver

Professional boxer, actor and Olympian Antonio Tarver has signed a major media deal with National PR Firm ThinkZILLA.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2014 -- Antonio Tarver spent most of 2013 winning professional boxing matches and repairing his career from what could be considered an “unjust” steroid scandal. Known as “boxing’s bad boy” with a charismatic charm, the media-savvy Tarver recently signed a publicity deal with National PR Firm ThinkZILLA.

“It’s really a great time for Antonio. He’s spent the past year having to reprove his ability and the media’s response has been amazing. It is an honor to work with him because he has done so much with the media in the past that he is already seasoned within the industry. We’re here to help him pick and choose what interviews to do and present new media opportunities,” said Velma Trayham of ThinkZILLA.

Antonio Tarver started professionally fighting in 2007. To date, Tarver has only lost 6 fights and won 20 of his 36 total fights by knockout. Adie from starring in the 2006 film Rocky Balboa, Tarver has appeared on several syndicated late-night television shows, from Jim Rome to Jay Leno and gained further attention through cover feature stories with KO and Ring magazines, and he was a guest commentator for ESPN's "Friday Night Fights" broadcast.

“His insight is what generates a real sense of media value. Members of the press can honestly ask him anything. He has been through it all and can guest host, offer commentary, provide industry insight and so much more,” finished Trayham.

“It’s not a comeback. I’ve been here. I’ve persevered through all kinds of good and bad press. The key is, I’ve been in demand and I will continue to give great interviews,” said Antonio Tarver.

Members of the media are encouraged to follow Antonio Tarver’s media RSS feed for news on upcoming fights, media events and potential seminars he will speak at. Story requests will be qualified by ThinkZILLA and all outlets are currently being considered.

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