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Don't Get Mad…: Insanity, Love & Laughter Fuse in Gripping New Novel, as Underpaid 'Good Guy' Tries to Get Even as an Entry-Level Assassin

Masterfully crafted by Florida’s J.M. Allen, ‘Don't Get Mad...The Ins and Outs of Getting Even As An Entry Level Assassin’ tells the tumultuous story of how one man’s employment could end with a literal bullet to the brain. Told through a unique blend of gripping action and emotion, Allen proves that friendship and love are much better remedies to life’s problems than seeking revenge.


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2014 -- They often say “Don’t get mad…get even”, an adage that only the brave, daring and often stupid decide to take to heart. In his compelling new novel, author J.M. Allen presents the true consequences of revenge while showcasing the abundant healing powers of love, laughter and friendship.

‘Don't Get Mad...The Ins and Outs of Getting Even As An Entry Level Assassin’ exposes all with gripping aplomb.

What would it take? What would it take to be pushed so far and so hard to make a law abiding, moralistic, fun loving man want to kill another human being?

Sturgis spent most of his life trying to overcome his disdain for the craziness in people by following the rules of the conformist. But try as he would to become an everyman, life would always get in the way, just enough to kick him where it hurt.

It seemed like Sturgis was the good man that “things just happened to.” Then he went to work for Mike DiMarco! And things got worse!

DiMarco represented the Goering Group, a conglomerate out of Verboten, Germany that invested in private airports in the United States. Sturgis was hired to build their newest terminal in Jacksonville, Florida.

Years before, DiMarco was offered the Goering Group’s U.S. lead man job as a haphazard replacement after his predecessor suffered brain damage in an automobile accident and developed an overt desire to steal hotdogs from street vendors in New York City.

DiMarco, in spite of his demented propensities, still made the Goering's money. Consequently, they were unconcerned about his methods, as long as he didn’t get caught. That made him the perfect fit for the company that had ties to the former head of the Luftwaffe in Nazi Germany.

When the airport was completed, Sturgis was informed he would never see the last of the large payments that was owed to him. The resulting loss of money rapidly became an abysmal pile of attorney’s fees, overwhelming debt and depression. After losing his house and forced to move into a garage apartment, he was personally welcomed by a DiMarco thug team.

Finally, Sturgis had enough. He wasn’t going to get mad; he was going to get even, and then some.

He was going to kill Mike DiMarco!

If Sturgis could convince his best friend to help him, his plan was to track DiMarco until the opportunity presented itself.

As the confrontation neared, Sturgis hoped he would win his own personal battle and have the guts to find out if he had what it took to become a real killer, all the while knowing that if he didn’t pull the trigger, DiMarco would surely kill him.

“Don’t Get Mad…” is a novel about love, multiple insanities, friendship and getting even, while having a few laughs along the way.

“I think that we often seek revenge without first reminding ourselves of the consequences,” admits Allen. “The fighting reflexes quickly come into play when we get mad or upset, and we become blind to not only what could really happen, but more peaceful alternatives that have much better results.”

Continuing, “I know it bucks the trend of our instincts, but love, laughter and friendship will always prevail over vengeance. I agree that it is hard to visualize how, hence why I wrote this book. Aside from being a great story, readers will turn the last page with plenty to think about in the real world.”

Readers have left overwhelmingly-positive reviews. One Amazon customer comments, “Excellent. Enjoyed very much. Highly recommend.”

Debra Greenstein adds, “Enjoyed it very much... Sounded like it could be a true story. Very entertaining. Highly recommend.....”

‘Don't Get Mad...The Ins and Outs of Getting Even As An Entry Level Assassin’ is available now: jmallenauthor.com

About J.M Allen
J.M. Allen loves to write, as he is doing here, writing about himself in the third person. Although he has been writing bits and pieces for over 30 years, this is his first novel. Although most of his thinking comes from life experiences, his thoughts were partially shaped as he was attending graduate school as a history major at the University of South Florida. He currently lives in Sarasota, Florida via New York City and realizes, with the help of the aforementioned education, he just began two sentences in a row with the word, “although.”