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San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2012 -- Consumers interested in doomsday preparation are seeking the tools, camouflage clothing and information necessary to arm themselves with an effective survival plan for a zombie apocalypse or end-of-days events. The right survival plan will include all of the items and details necessary to keep family and friend’s safe regardless of what may happen in the months and years to come. is gaining attention as a source for extensive editorial content and a large collection of good quality ghillie suits, camouflage clothing enabling customers to go undercover, blending into nature, while maintaining the flexibility and comfort to move around.

Made from natural jute twine, burlap or synthetic thread, ghillie suits are designed to break up the human outline and resemble heavy foliage. features a wide-range of good quality ghillie suits, from the bushrag or warrior ghillie suit to the woodland jackal and zombie hunter ghillie suit.

The suits and camouflage clothing are organized into convenient categories on the left side-bar of each page on the site, so shoppers can find exactly what they need to meet their needs. Customers can go to the Popular Brands section on the side-bar to browse products from brand names, including GhillieSuits, Chameleon, CamoSystems and more. If they already know exactly what they need, shoppers can use the site’s search engine tool in the header.

Extensive editorial content throughout enables visitors to learn more about how to select the right ghillie suit and camouflage clothing items as well as how people are using these products for simulation sports, Halloween, undercover surveillance, hunting and in the military. was designed to meet a previously unmet need for good quality ghillie suits, according to the site owner, “I was shocked to see the lack of information about commercial ghillie suits available so I started Ghillie Suit Clothing in 2007. Ghillie Suit Clothing was opened because I was frustrated when I was shopping for a ghillie suit. How was I supposed to make a decision based on one picture of a product or a vague description?”

“As the store owner, my goal was to create a store that presented its products with as much detailed and accurate information as possible. I am hoping that by doing so, consumers can make an informed purchase decision based on the correct information.”

Consumers can choose a product item to see high quality images as well detailed specifications and editorial content to provide customers with the knowledge they need to make an informed choice. The website’s blog is available in the header and provides additional high quality editorial content and customer photos.

Visitors to the site can sign-up for an account through the link in the header to create wish lists and proceed with making a purchase. provides exceptional customer service and will walk customers through the process to identify the right ghillie suits and camouflage clothing to meet their specific purposes.

About has provided good quality ghillie suits and camouflage clothing since 2007. With a wide-range of product items, including the warrior ghillie suit, ghost ghillie suit, and ghillie suits for kids, the website assists customers through the process of finding all of the items they need for their doomsday survival plans. High quality images, in-depth editorial content, and user-friendly website navigation, make the site the preferred choice for consumers. For more information, visit