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DOR 2 DOR Presents a Leaflet Distribution Service

DOR 2 DOR is the division of the Zone Marketing Group that was established back in the year 1987. The company offers services in the distribution of leaflets and brochures of the customers going from door to door.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2014 -- Leaflet distribution is one of the most used forms of advertisement used by the companies. Moreover, for businesses it is as much a prevalent concept in the present times as it had been in the past. While it is one of the most common business strategies and is used by small and large businesses alike, the advertisement needs to be competitive in order to gain a better positive feedback from the clients and customers. Faced with the growing demand of leaflet advertisement, much depends on the quality of the advertisement. The medium of distribution also plays a significant role in meeting with the goal. A number of advertising and leaflet distribution jobs businesses are coming up these days and are being increasingly opted for by the business firms to popularize their businesses. Dor 2 Dor is a division of the Zone Marketing Group and offers services in the marketing of businesses through the distribution of leaflets provided by the customers.

Much of the popularity and success of business firm in its early stages of development depends on advertisement. While there are a number of forms of advertisement, the most prevalent form which is usually considered by most of the business firms is leaflet delivery from door to door. The distribution is not done through newspapers, which is not much effective. Distribution along with newspapers in most cases results in people ignoring the leaflets. Dor 2 Dor offers services in distributing the leaflets along with other leaflets that are not competitive in nature. The leaflets are distributed by trained professionals who visit every door to deliver them. The leaflet distribution is done through the options of Shared, Solus, and SolusPlus.

The company distributes the customers’ own leaflets moving from door to door in the areas around the head office. They also have franchised offices in different areas from where they operate. The flyer distribution is done by trained individuals and the entire system is kept under monitor. All the deliveries made by the professionals to the letterboxes include the DAL or the Delivery Order Leaflet. The response that the leaflets get is checked on a regular basis. The company also undertakes the printing of the leaflets for advertisement. Dor2 Dor offers one off campaigns for advertisement.

The company offers a number of schemes and services which, for instance, includes the Ditto scheme. The method or scheme consists in flyer delivery in regular intervals throughout the year in the same areas. The intervals at which the leaflets are to be dropped in the letter boxes are decided by the customer. This is done in order to make the campaign effective.

About Dor 2 Dor
Dor 2 Dor is an advertisement or campaigning agency that offers services in distributing customers’ own leaflets from door to door. They also offer services in the printing of leaflets. For more information visit the website.

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