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Dotcom Business Expert, Nimishaa Jagasia Launches Book on "Domain Investing and Monetization"

Dotcom Business Expert, Nimishaa Jagasia and avid Domainer. holds about 13,433 domain names (yes, you read it right). With this, she shares the realities of Domain Investing and how to monetize domain names.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- Most people don’t even know that a domain itself (WITHOUT developing) can bring good money. For instance, sold for $7.5 million, while became the most expensive domain name in the world, when it sold for $13 million in 2011. Domain names are a great investment. They are the real estate of the Internet. Like land, they are limited in number. As demand increases, so will their value. Most people start-out by seeing a list of domain sales and then rushing over to a Domain Registrar to hand-register a bunch of new domain names. And then simply go to the Domain Parking Company site and park their domains. They think, they did earn an income just by doing that. Sorry but it doesn’t work that way.

Dotcom Business Expert, Nimishaa Jagasia in her upcoming book " The Parking Ado - The Domain Investing and Monetization Guide", shares the realities of Domain Investing and how to monetize domain names through parking companies.

Nimishaa's book is not going to leave you with any warm fuzzy feelings, instead it covers what it really takes to make money in this industry. Nimishaa built a six-figure business and made a ton of mistakes along the way, most of those mistakes are covered in her book.

Like anyone else, Nimishaa came into this business with some money (actually the only money she had in her bank account) and wanted to invest it in something other than stocks, mutual funds, or real estate. She discovered Domaining by mere chance and thought it looked like an interesting way to invest my money and make a few hundred dollars a month on the side.

Incredibly recklessly, she put her entire nest egg into domain names only to find that much of what she bought was pigeon droppings. "It was terrifying", Nimishaa says, "I thought I had literally gambled away my life savings."

Most of the domains Nimishaa bought were picked up for anywhere from $10 to $20 over at GoDaddy or eNom Club Drop or $60 at most over at the Namecheap Markeplace. She tried parking the names and ended-up with about earning 5 dollars a month, She tried listing the names for sale everywhere she could, only to find that nobody wanted to buy them.

At that time, there was at least 20 domain parking companies that were offering their domain monetization services. So, Nimishaa opened accounts at all of them of course. She tried out at least a few hundred of her domain names at each and every service for at least a week or two. managing her domains and optimized them as best as she could but the results were pretty much all the same everywhere she went.

"I spent more than six month’s going from parking company to parking company hoping to find that perfect partner that will pay a little more, at least double up the payouts and convert the traffic better by maybe 10% and I’d be happy", Nimishaa says.

Anyone who is serious about Domaining will find something of use in this book. What she offer in her book is not a get rich quick scheme but a simple do it how method.

Domaining takes time, energy, and persistence. Also, Domaining isn't for everyone, especially not for those who aren't willing or able to spend countless hours sifting through forums, blogs, etc, and above all trying things (investing your money)

"It wasn’t easy building the business and my family knows that I sacrificed just about all of "my free time to do it, but since I loved what I did, it was worth it. It's only by trial and error that you will figure out what works and find your niche. Of course timing helps, and a little luck too.", said Nimisha

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Nimishaa Jagasia is an Internet Empire Builder and Diva. She currently works for a US based dotcom. Passionate about technology and digital businesses, She brings much passion to things she believes in and adores. Catch Nimishaa on