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Double Decker Dream Machine: Kickstarter.com-Funded New Book Series Magically Transports Children Around the World

Written and created by Jessica Monnich, the first installment to this captivating new series takes kids on a vibrant and colorful trip to Mexico. Once the book is published, a portion of the profits will be donated to an organization in Mexico dedicated to the welfare and aid of children.


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- An innovative new book is winging its way to children around the world. ‘Double Decker Dream Machine’, written by Jessica Monnich, will be self-published by Innovo Publishing through a Kickstarter.com campaign running until April 11th, 2014.

Vividly illustrated by Heatherblu Patschkey, the book and eventual series are intended to foster cultural awareness and understanding in young readers. In the initial installment, children will be swept away on an adventure when Jessica’s family buys a double decker bus and remodels it. As they are remodeling, the bus transforms into a “Dream Machine” that transports the family anywhere they want to go in the world.

First stop: Mexico!

Utilizing language, color and drawings, ‘Double Decker Dream Machine’ allows kids to soak in the tastes, smells and sounds of Mexico, while developing an appreciation for the country’s unique heritage and culture.

As a world traveler and missionary, Monnich has an unusual and progressive view on education.

“It’s not enough for children to know only their immediate surroundings,” says the author. “I home school my oldest daughter, and it’s given me an entirely new viewpoint on bringing kids up in this global community. My daughter and I have fallen in love with learning about other cultures. Compassion and kindness are so important and when children are exposed to different ways of life, they develop those traits – I’ve seen it with my own eyes.”

A portion of the book’s profits will be donated to an organization in Mexico dedicated to aiding children. With each book in the series, Monnich has pledged to find a charity in the respective country to earmark for a donation. The only requirement?

“The charity must help love, protect and nurture children around the world,” says the author.

To contribute to the Kickstarter campaign, please visit the official fundraising page.
For more information about the book, please visit the official website.

About Jessica Monnich
Jessica Monnich has traveled to several countries; England, Poland, Guatemala, China (and rode a ferry from England to France and then a bus to Poland) for work, pleasure and missions. She looks forward to adding more stamps to her passport very soon, including Mexico! In addition to traveling she also enjoys drawing, writing, crafts, crocheting, gardening, cooking, blogging and homeschooling their oldest child among other things! She has been married for eight years and has two beautiful daughters (ages 1 and 7).