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DoubleLinx.com Launches Unique Marketplace for SEO Services and Online Marketing Packages


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2012 -- There are millions of people around the world who turn to various online marketing services every day. Their experiences can vary wildly; while some providers offer an excellent product, great communication and solid results, there are an equal number who happily receive payment before promptly disappearing without a trace.

The current method for those seeking online marketing services is inherently flawed. Buyers often spend hours at a time trawling through online forums, reading through lengthy discussions that never seem to provide quite enough information to make an informed decision. Online businesses appear and disappear in the same breath and every transaction is seen as a risk. On one hand, hardworking merchants trying to sell SEO services find it difficult to inspire trust in consumers. On the other, buyers struggle to know just who it is they should trust.

Thankfully, there may be a solution for both buyers and sellers alike. An innovative new platform has recently been announced at DoubleLinx.com which is set to provide a safe space where buyers of a variety of marketing and SEO services can transact with approved sellers in security. Now seeking approved sellers who are interested in taking part in Beta testing, Double Linx looks set to cure the online marketing sector of all the ills that have previously plagued it.

The premise is simple; DoubleLinx.com is a moderated ecosystem where buyers of all types of online marketing packages can visit and find whatever it is they’re looking for. Sellers are given their own space in which to present their services, packages and pricing. But it’s more than just a new commerce platform. Double Linx strictly vets each and every seller wishing to use their website, providing access only to the most trusted and reliable merchants. Verified user testimonials are featured prominently in every seller’s area and, further, there’s a mandatory reporting requirement. The icing on the cake is that all funds paid are held in escrow, only passing on to the seller when services are finally rendered. For both trustworthy sellers and cautious buyers, DoubleLinx.com seems like a dream come true.

To begin the process, Double Linx is eager to find the internet’s most worthy sellers to begin the beta testing process. Sellers who manage to become a qualified beta tester for Double Linx will benefit in a number of ways, including two months of free promotion at launch. The advertising resources of Double Linx are significant, so sellers who make the cut can look forward to high levels of publicity and exposure.

So for buyers looking for someone to trust and for sellers looking to demonstrate their credibility, it seems as though the answer is clear: DoubleLinx.com. Open now for applications from sellers to become beta testers, the opportunities offered by this compelling platform are endless.

About Double Linx
DoubleLinx helps connect buyers and sellers of online marketing and SEO services in a secure, trusted marketplace. By creating a highly regulated ecosystem in which sellers are seen as trusted and buyers can transact in confidence, both the buying and selling experience can by maximised. Trusted sellers are currently sought to take part in beta testing, something which will eventually result in some truly significant advertising and promotional opportunities. For more information, visit http://www.doublelinx.com