Doug Berger for NC Senate: News and Observer Endorse Doug Berger for NC Senate District 18

Newspaper Sees Through False Negative Ads and Endorses True Leadership on Education


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2012 -- Doug Berger for NC Senate is pleased to announce that the News and Observer has endorsed Doug Berger as the clear choice for NC Senate District 18. The News and Observer said this:

Our endorsement goes to Berger, an attorney with experience as a public school teacher. He is a strong supporter of public education, where he worries about shortchanging students through funding cuts, and also of environmental protection and help for small business.

A man of integrity and substance, Doug Berger is pleased to add the endorsement of the News and Observer along with that of the North Carolina Association of Educators and many others. Badly outspent in this campaign, as the News and Observer identified, Doug Berger has stood on his clear and strong record of supporting public education.

A former prosecutor, Doug is also especially proud of being endorsed by the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association, which serves as “the voice of law enforcement officers.” As a Senator, one of Doug’s signature bills that he introduced was the Castle Doctrine, which enjoyed bipartisan support essentially stating that a citizen could not be sued for using deadly force when defending against someone who breaks into their home

Previously, the News and Observer highlighted the fact that Chad Barefoot had received over $800,000 from the Republican Party, much of which was spent on negative advertising on television and mail. Having moved into NC Senate District 18 only after the legislative session , Barefoot has little experienced legislatively beyond serving as an assistant to Representative Paul Stam who encouraged Barefoot to seek the senate seat in 2012.

Senator Doug Berger (D) had this to say:
This election has become much than choosing between difference ideas and positions on issues.

The Republicans have tried to buy this election with slick messaging on television and mail pieces – they distorted and misled the public about my record. They ascribe to the belief that if you tell a lie enough times, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars repeating that lie on TV, you just might get people to believe it. I don’t necessarily believe Chad Barefoot’s a bad guy, but some of his handlers’ tactics are beyond the pale. He’s the candidate; he’s responsible. My son is getting ready to ship overseas with his military unit and for my son to receive something in the mail from Chad Barefoot that says his father supports ‘child predators,’ well that’s not politics – let’s call it what it is: it is not true, it is wrong - just plain wrong.

I am pleased that News and Observer recognized these tactic for what they are – detractions from my substance and a cover for Barefoot’s inexperience. I appreciate the endorsement of the News and Observer and all of the other organizations who have supported my candidacy for NC Senate District 18.

There is a clear choice between Senator Doug Berger and Chad Barefoot. Senator Doug Berger’s distinguished legal career has included serving as a prosecutor, judge, and an attorney in private practice.  Berger has also served as a middle and high school teacher as well as a youth football coach.  Senator Berger’s background in education and law has given him tremendous perspective and insight during his four terms in the Senate.  For more information visit or

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