Doug Berger for NC Senate: Strong Record Protecting the Environment Wins Endorsement from Environment North Carolina

Endorsements Continue to Pile up for Senator Doug Berger in Race for NC Senate District 18 Seat


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2012 -- Environment North Carolina announced the endorsement of Senator Doug Berger for the 2012 election season, shining a spotlight on the key pro-environment legislator.  Environment North Carolina announced endorsements for candidates who not only vote to protect the state’s air, water, and open spaces all or almost all of the time, but who are outspoken champions for the preserving and improving the quality of the environment and the quality of our lives—even in the face of powerful special interest opposition.  

A major issue facing North Carolina is “fracking.”  Fracking involves the pumping of water, chemicals, and "proppants" like sand into drilled wells.  The high pressure pumping shatters underground deposits of shale and releases natural gas.  Senator Doug Berger has this to say about “fracking:”

Every vote that has been cast by the North Carolina Senate about the fracking issue, I have voted against fracking. I do not believe that we will maintain the personnel to be able to strictly enforce the fracking law, which I think if fracking can be done safely; it has to be strictly monitored by the government. We are living in the age and time when people do not want to increase government spending on personnel.

Senator Berger’s opponent, Chad Barefoot, who moved into NC Senate District 18 after the legislative session when the new district maps were drawn, supports legalizing fracking despite safety concerns.  Senator Doug Berger went on to say, “The emphasis has been on cutting government. I don’t believe in this environment one can do fracking safely because the state will not have the long-term commitment to make sure that we have a strong regulatory authority to ensure that it is done safely.”

Elizabeth Ouzts, Environment North Carolina Director, had this to say, “When it comes to the air we breathe, the water we drink and the places we love, elections matter.”  NC Senate District 18 has two candidates with varying backgrounds; there is a clear choice between Senator Doug Berger and Chad Barefoot.  Senator Doug Berger’s distinguished legal career has included serving as a prosecutor, judge, and an attorney in private practice.  Berger has also served as a middle and high school teacher as well as a youth football coach.  Senator Berger’s background in education and law has given him tremendous perspective and insight during his four terms in the Senate. 

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