Doug Berger for NC Senate: Republicans Attempt to Buy NC Senate District 18 Race with Television Ads

Party Money Funneled to Inexperienced Candidate is Believed to Make NC Senate District 18 the Most Expensive State Senate Race in North Carolina History


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2012 -- According to the most recent public reports, the Committee to Elect Chad Barefoot has total receipts of $916,754.63 in just over three months, with $799,668.62 coming from the Republican Party or other Political Committees. Not to be outdone, Chad Barefoot himself loaned his campaign $500.

The tactic employed by the Republican Party is reminiscent of the Jim Davis/John Snow race, where it is widely regarded that the Republicans bought that race with hundreds of thousands of dollars in media spending. In addition to the money funneled in that race, outside operations like Real Jobs NC spent millions attacking Democrats in some two dozen state legislative races.

Republicans have spent far more on NC Senate District 18 than any other state senate race in North Carolina history, an odd play when the Republican candidate is in his twenties with no substantive private sector work experience.

Senate districts were redrawn by the Republican majority during the last legislative session despite there being no lawful or rational basis for the division of the precincts;

Republicans had sitting Representative and former Senate nominee to support in NC Senate District 18, yet the opted to support the inexperienced Barefoot;

Representative Paul Stam encouraged Barefoot to seek the senate seat in 2012;

Barefoot moved into NC Senate District 18 only after the legislative session when the maps were drawn.

Senator Doug Berger (D) had this to say:
I’ve always stood for what I believed in – against my own party at times. The Republicans do not want an independent thinker in my district; they want a puppet. They put a target on my district and have spared no expense to buy this election. When all is said and done, the Republicans will have spent a million dollars on this state senate race. They have spent so much money on TV; I wouldn’t be surprised if Barefoot’s ads receive a Nielsen rating. Buying an election is bad for North Carolina and it’s bad for America. Hard questions must be asked about this race – what is happening is wrong.

There is a clear choice between Senator Doug Berger and Chad Barefoot. Senator Doug Berger’s distinguished legal career has included serving as a prosecutor, judge, and an attorney in private practice.  Berger has also served as a middle and high school teacher as well as a youth football coach.  Senator Berger’s background in education and law has given him tremendous perspective and insight during his four terms in the Senate.  For more information visit or

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