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Douglass Door Service Helps California Homeowners Prevent Injury


Riverside, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2013 -- Riverside, California — Douglass Door Service provides a 25-point inspection that takes in all parts of residential garage doors to check for possible points of danger. Douglass Door Service provides this thorough inspection because the company knows how easy it is for adults and children to be hurt or killed by garage doors.

According to a 2007 Consumer Product Safety Commission study, more than 13,000 people were hurt or killed by garage doors in the United States, making these objects one of the most likely in the home to be involved in death or injury accidents.

The CPSC found that:

- 7,577 people had fingers pinched or crushed between door sections.
- 2,102 people were hurt by falling doors.
- 1,610 people were hurt while working on a door
- 805 people were hurt by lacerations from door hardware
- 313 people were hurt by broken glass
- 313 people were injured by springs
- 224 people were injured by broken doors needing repairs
- 179 people were injured by entrapment
- 134 people were caught trying to get through an opening before the door closed
- 89 children were hurt riding the garage door

In order to prevent serious or even fatal garage door injuries, homeowners must be vigilant about regular service and maintenance to garage doors. Douglass Door Service offers quality, on-site garage door repair in Corona, CA , and throughout the southern California region. Douglass Door Service delivers and repairs residential garage doors in Corona, CA.

With quality garage door repair in Corona and throughout southern California from Douglass Door Service, homeowners can rest assured that they are doing all they can to prevent tragic garage door accidents. Douglass Door Service offers a 25-point inspection that examines every aspect of Riverside garage door repair including springs, tracks, doors and glass to ensure that any garage door repair in Corona solves garage door issues and makes homeowners safe and secure in their garages.

Douglass Door Service provides professional inspection and repair of all types of garage doors including manual and electric doors and can repair almost any make or model.

About Douglass Door Service
Douglass Door Service provides quality garage door repair in Riverside and throughout the southern California area. Douglass Door Service provides Corona garage door repair to keep California residents safe and free from injury. Providing quality garage doors in Corona, CA, and throughout all of southern California, Douglass Door Service has been providing garage door repair in Riverside for years and can service almost any type of door with a thorough, 25-point inspection.

Source: NEISS Hospital Injury Report, “Garage Door Child Safety.”

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