Technical Sales Technical Sales Offers Manufacturers Five Great Products to Eliminate Mist, Odor, Dust, & Fumes

Industrial Machinery Mainstay Delivers Top Notch Products to Customers Nationwide and Abroad


Reseda, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/02/2016 -- Companies that build legacies do so by committing themselves to excellence – they set attainable goals and adapt to their environment better than their competitors. Such is the case with, a company which has thrived in the industrial machinery marketing industry for 30 years. They've achieved marked success by doing the simple things very well, such as offer products that get the job done in a reliable, efficient manner. Technical Sales specializes in collection equipment that captures smoke, fumes, vapor, and dust – enabling the industrial manufacturing community to do their jobs safely, in a secure environment.

Each of the products sold by Technical Sales hinge on the building blocks of two basic design schemes: self-cleaning & non self-cleaning panel types.

Both allow manufacturers to do three distinct things:

1. Comply with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines
2. Keep workers safe from harmful odors, dust, and fumes,
3. Meet project requirements

Ultimately, each of the five types of products offered by Technical Sales aid in the protection of the operator from exposure to dust, odors, and fumes from their finishing processes. Companies looking to be proactive can benefit from the products, which safeguard employees from toxic and carcinogenic fumes. Other businesses that can benefit include those caught using outdated practices of refuse elimination. When these businesses are mandated by OSHA to maintain a safe work environment, is there to answer the call.

One of the most popular products in the arsenal is their self-cleaning downdraft table. A compressed air line from a shop is hooked into the unit, and twice a day (typically before lunch and at the end of the day) the filters are cleaned by the compressed air that has been accumulating in a reservoir. This is an effective, safe, and incredibly easy way for manufacturers to maintain a safe working environment.

"For 30 years we have helped companies in the manufacturing industry comply with OSHA and establish optimum working conditions for their employees," said Adam Wolfson, Sales Manager. "We are proud to be one of the staples of our industry, and to continue to churn out top notch machinery that eliminates odor, fumes, and dust with maximum efficiency."

About Technical Sales began marketing industrial machinery in 1985. With no customers to sell to; with no factories to sell for; with no products to sell – they have persevered and prospered. MTA markets its products nationally and internationally. Various sub-representatives and sales associates sell and service within the composite marketing area. Downdraft and MTA are in the business of providing solutions, value added services and selling industrial equipment. They consistently place the best solution to an engineering challenge above the sale of equipment.