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Faster Recovery, Timely Assistance, This New Version Makes Way For Enhanced Use Of The Ever So Popular Hard Drive Recovery Software


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2015 -- Termed as the 'best data recovery solution', the Eassos Recovery 3.9.0 is a leg up on the top rated 3.8.0 with enhanced features for a faster performance and cleaner results.

Data is generated every second in the day and also lost at the same rate. While some loss of data is inevitable, some of it can be recovered before being perished forever. The Eassos Recovery 3.9.0 is superior performing hard drive recovery software that is designed to offer a convenient platform with an easy step by step wizard to take the user through the process avoiding any confusion whatsoever.

Also this new version uses five data recovery modes to recover all forms of data be it files recovered from disk, lost files, deleted files and so on. The comprehensive recovery mechanism that is at the heart of this program is therefore, a fool proof tool to achieve results that were otherwise impossible to get using traditional recovery programs.

This software is therefore, perfect for both home and office purposes and can very easily keep up with bulk recovery needs of the user.

This new version is considered an upgrade over the last one, not just because of the speed of performance but, also because of enhanced functional features of this program such as the Optimal file preview function as well as its ability to support MPR and GPT (GUID) which makes it the most versatile program available for high speed data recovery.

About Eassos Recovery Ltd
A software company with an undeterred focus to providing quality recovery software, partition manager and system backup, the company has now given users a ton of new features to look forward to in the latest version of the Eassos Recovery software.

The software is designed for special as well as everyday use which makes it apt for users of any skill or experience. Now, it does not matter how the data was lost, whether it was a result of accidental deletion or hard drive formatting or loss of partition, as long as this software is used, the user can expect to get the desired results and fast.

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