Doxsteel Fasteners

Doxsteel Fasteners Supply API 20E Bolts for Oil Field Bolting Applications

Doxsteel Fasteners comply with ASTM B994 and API 20E specifications for use in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries


Spring, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2017 -- Bolt Corrosion is a threat when fasteners are required in challenging environments like oil fields. Once a bolt has seized, it is difficult and dangerous to replace. The process of hot bolting has been widely criticized as not only being unsafe but by its very nature, it can be expensive and unpredictable in terms of the time required to turn around the bolt and the money spent in removing the corroded bolt and replacing it with a new one. Factoring this across hundreds or thousands of bolts means significant outlay.

Doxsteel Fasteners are designed to resist corrosion and eliminate the need for hot bolting. When teams are able to predict when a fastener will start to seize, maintenance can be scheduled and fasteners can be replaced quickly and efficiently. Doxsteel Fasteners have a life expectancy of 21 years and a warranty guarantees no seizing within the first five years. The heat load and coating batch are stamped on each part, and the Fastener End of Life Test (FELT test) keeps customers aware of how the fasteners are performing.

Every part of the process from manufacture to delivery has been streamlined and studied to ensure parts live up to their tagline, "The World's Smartest Bolt". For clients looking to source API 20E bolts, Doxsteel Fasteners comply with API 20E bolting standards and ASTM B994 specifications.

About Doxsteel Fasteners
Corrosion is the enemy of fasteners and after encountering logistical problems working on seized bolts in the 1990's, the founder of Doxsteel Fasteners started looking for a solution to the problem. 'The World's Smartest Bolt' is the result of continuous research and development to revolutionize bolting and fastener production. Their goal is to consistently conceptualize and deliver safer, less expensive, and more scientifically sound industrial fasteners and subsea fasteners to the industry. Doxsteel Fasteners promise measurable benefits which can be summed up as 20.21.Zero. The statistics represent 20 times ROI, a fastener life expectancy of 21 years and zero hot bolting required. The promise is backed up by a warranty which guarantees the fasteners will not seize within 5 years. Suppliers are audited annually using API 20E bolting specifications to make sure they meet the rigorous standards, and the Nickel-Cobalt alloy coating acts a barrier against hydrogen embrittlement.

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