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Doylestown Family Medicine Offers Minor Surgery, Wound and Laceration Care


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2013 -- As part of its many points of care, Doylestown Family Medicine offers minor surgery, wound care, and laceration care. Patients of Doylestown Family Medicine needing care for any of these services can contact their primary care doctor in Bucks County, PA today. At Doylestown Family Medicine, patients are always in good hands because Dr. Schnur has been in practice for 22 years and is very experienced. He has served the Central Bucks County region for 18 years, with many patients gladly coming back for treatment.

Patients who are in the immediate need of simple laceration repair for minor cuts can see Dr. Schnur at his office in Bucks County, PA. Wound management is also available at the office, with Dr. Schnur providing treatment for burns, traumatic wounds, diabetic wounds and other wounds that need medical attention. Patients can also visit Dr. Schnur’s office for in-office minor surgical procedures. These in-office surgical procedures range from excisional biopsy, excision of benign tumors, and drainage of abscesses.

Dr. Schnur also offers Cryotherapy. This form of therapy utilizes liquid nitrogen application to freeze out benign skin lesions, warts, and other types of growths. Dr. Schnur is also available to perform a heat treatment to remove skin lesions, with the use of Electro-cautery.

As soon as patients walk into the Doylestown Family Medicine office in Bucks County, PA, they are greeted with a friendly staff and positive atmosphere, no matter what treatment they need. By making a personal connection and strong relationship with his patients, Dr. Schnur can get down to the root of an issue his patient is having. He sits with each client, listens to their concerns, and explains his findings for them, thoroughly. It is this professionalism that keeps patients, living in and around Bucks County, PA, coming back to Doylestown Family Medicine.

About Doylestown Family Medicine
The team at Doylestown Family Medicine is led by Board Certified Family Physician, Elliot H. Schnur, M.D. Since 1995, Dr. Schnur has been serving the Central Bucks area as a family physician. As a dedicated and caring family doctor, Dr. Schnur provides comprehensive, quality health care for his patients. Dr. Schnur is on staff at Doylestown Hospital. For more information on Dr. Schnur and the services provided at Doylestown Family Medicine, please visit our website at