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Doylestown Family Medicine Provides Laser Nail Fungus Treatment for 20% off Through June 30, 2014


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2014 -- Doylestown Family Medicine is pleased to announce they are now accepting appointments for laser nail fungus treatment.. Individuals interested in getting rid of toenail fungus by using a safe, and medicine-free method can contact the practice today for laser nail fungus treatment in Doylestown, PA. Onychomycosis, commonly known as nail fungus, affects millions of people every day. With advancements in laser technology, individuals who are affected by nail fungus can skip unhealthy alternatives such as prescribed drugs and other methods that may be harmful to their health, and take advantage of the recent developments of laser nail treatment. Doylestown Family Medicine uses the latest advancement in laser nail treatment, known as the Q-Clear laser.

Patients will experience many benefits from the Q-Clear laser treatment that other treatments cannot offer. One of the benefits of the laser treatment is that there are no side effects, unlike many of the oral medications that are on the market today. The Q-Clear laser treatment is highly effective, as it is able to remove the fungi’s spores’ core, ensuring little probability that it returns in the future. This easy procedure also comes with a doctor recommended cleaning schedule for after-treatment use. Within one treatment, patients will see a vast improvement.

Even though the treatment is not 100% guaranteed to completely remove all fungi spores, clinical research has shown the treatment to be one of the most effective. Doctors even provide strategies to ensure healthy toenails, including changing socks and shoes frequently and others. When it comes to fungal nail treatment of Philadelphia, PA, the staff at Doylestown Family Medicine takes pride in informing patients on easy ways to maintain their health, no matter which conditions they have. For more information on laser nail fungus treatment, visit the Doylestown Family Medicine website or call the office at 215-230-7800.

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