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DPH Arms Expands Inventory of AK-47 Accessories and Great Ways to Save

Firearm enthusiasts looking for the perfect accessories can find all the accessories desired at low prices in the now larger inventory at DPHArms.com.


Burlington, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2015 -- AK-47s have been in service since 1949, and even though the AK-47 is not considered to be highly accurate, it remains one of the most renowned firearms and is currently the most popular assault rifle in the world. Similar to many other firearms, there are numerous ways a person can accessorize their AK-47 to make it easier or more comfortable to handle.

According to industry experts, the AK-47 is a popular choice in many countries around the world because of its simplicity and reliability. It is now used by the armed forces in over 80 countries and by individuals in many more countries. With its growing popularity, DPH Arms, a Burlington, NC dealer, recently announced the expansion of its wide assortment of AK-47 Accessories and parts to ensure everyone can obtain any of the parts they might be looking for without overspending.

Owner Scott Gulledge, stated, "We offer a variety of AK 47 parts to match just about anyone's requirements. We offer magazines, kits, compliance parts, fire control, springs, and more." Indeed, DPH Arms offers a variety of categories many shoppers find simple to browse to ensure the customer can swiftly find the precise parts needed.

Making it a goal to ensure their customers are satisfied, and in addition to offering a collection of new accessories, the DPH Arms website showcases a myriad of parts and accessories in their "Specials" section. These parts are currently on sale and can be acquired at low, easy to afford prices. Customers can discover a plethora of parts and accessories for other firearms on their "Specials" section as well to save as much money as possible on the coveted parts.

"We provide grips, scopes, flashlights and all the parts a person might need for their firearm," Gulledge stated. "We make it our goal to continue to add new inventory to our online store and to ensure every customer can find the part they need for their AK-47s or other firearms without spending exorbitant amounts of money." According to the website, DPH Arms extends flat rate shipping on everything excluding firearms for $7.99.

Customers can easily search the store or browse based on what is recently added or what is on sale. The ease of searching allows them to quickly find the wanted AK47 Parts and make a purchase. Each product has an image and a description so a customer can be sure they're purchasing the appropriate part and one that's going to work for their needs. DPH Arms' secure server means customers don't have to worry about sensitive data when making a purchase.

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DPH Arms is a firearm and accessories store online that offers a plethora of firearms, parts and related items a person may desire. This company promotes fantastic prices and regularly has some of the most popular accessories on sale to ensure customers are able to obtain a good deal on anything they need. DPH Arms also extends fast shipping and a flat rate on most items to ensure customers can receive their orders as quickly as feasible.