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Dr. Aaron Spitz of Vasectomy Reversal USA Makes Appearance at AMA House of Delegates, Defends PSA Blood Test


Laguna Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2016 -- The Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) blood test has been an immensely useful tool in helping doctors determine issues such as prostatic diseases, trauma, and inflammation. The epithelial cells lining parts of the prostate gland produce PSA in greater amounts when disturbed, a marker which has become a primary means of determining that a prostate disease may be present.

Regardless of its proven utility, the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force recommended that healthy men no longer receive this test as part of routine cancer screenings. Dr. Aaron Spitz of Vasectomy Reversal USA, a leading fertility doctor in Los Angeles, appeared before the American Medical Association's House of Delegates to defend the PSA blood test as a useful tool in preventative care for male patients at risk of prostate diseases, including prostate cancer.

As a board-certified urologist participating in two leading urology organizations – the Large Urology Group Practice Association and American Urological Association - Dr. Spitz has spoken out against the recommendations, with the backing of many of his colleagues in these two professional associations. The PSA blood test, argued Spitz, allows for early detection that is crucial to the success of treatments targeting prostate cancer; the doctor also cited a recent study which found that deaths from prostate cancer dropped 44% amongst men screened using the PSA blood test, when compared when men who were not screened.

Amongst other reasons for rejecting the recommendations, Dr. Spitz cited the panel's lack of urologists or oncologists, prior poor advice on the part of the same organization, and the potentially devastating effects that ending PSA screenings could have on underinsured, rural men and those with a history of prostate cancer, especially African Americans.

As a leader in the urological field and founder of a highly-regarded vasectomy reversal clinic in Los Angeles, Vasectomy Reversal USA, as well as a public representative of the field through book deals and appearances on shows such as Dr. Phil, Dr. Spitz has been highly influential within the field of urology. To learn more about the male fertility treatments, including vasoepididymostomies, and fertility treatments available through Vasectomy Reversal USA, visit

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