Dr. Anne Brown Publishes "Backbone Power - the Science of Saying No"

Dr. Brown explains how being a “people pleaser” is actually a symptom of a much deeper inner-conflict...the inability to say “No”.


Aspen, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- Dr. Anne Brown has released “Backbone Power - The Science of Saying No”. This easy to understand book tackles the question of whether being a “people pleaser” is a virtue or a curse. Could it be that it is really an inability to say “No”. People must develop insight to fully grasp their own actions, and lack thereof. Is it simply easier to say “Yes”, or is it deeper than that? Are some people afraid to say “No” because they don’t want to hurt another’s feelings? Or is it a lack of self-confidence that drives them?

“Backbone Power” takes the reader on a self-guided tour of their deepest thought processes to arrive at an understanding of the true “Self”. As they gain a better understanding of what drives their reasoning process, they are able to learn how to better assert themselves. Dr. Brown has been able to craft her message so as to empower people to develop a “Backbone” with the power to say “No”. The reader, at some point in this journey, will have an epiphany - that it is ok to say “No”. Saying “No” is an expression of how a person feels at that given moment. Stand strong at that “moment”, and a better life ensues.

In “Backbone Power”, Dr. Brown describes the people-pleasing behaviour patterns that are always so evident. All the reader has to do is glance down the list of symptoms to see if they qualify as a “people-pleaser”, which they will come to see as not a good thing. Little do people realize that this is a learned behaviour, a person is not born as a “people-pleaser”. Learned behaviour can be modified and corrected. The book has exercises to help readers come to grips with these feelings, and how to overcome them.

About Dr. Anne Brown
Dr. Anne Brown, PhD, RNCS has a private practice in Aspen, Colorado. She specializes in addictions. Corporate leaders, Trial Attorneys, Athletes, Physicians and their families have sought her advice and counseling. Dr. Brown has also served as a Radio Talk Show Host for KAJX on Aspen Public Radio. In fulfilling her personal goal, she was able to earn a Black Belt in Soo Bahk Do. Rest assured that Dr. Brown will be sharing more of her insights and advice in future books.

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