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Dr. Annika's New Book - "Take Stress from Chaos to Calm: Pulling the Pieces Together"- Empowers Business Leaders to Take Back Their Lives

Dr. Annika show people how to take an imaginary helicopter view on their situations, and find the most fun and easy way to great health.


Lund, Sweden -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2014 -- Many corporate executives have lost everything due to the inability to handle stress. Some of them have a nervous breakdown, become Alcoholics, take drugs, get ulcers, or worse. It doesn’t have to be that way, and this is the goal of Dr. Annika.

Her new book, “Take Stress From Chaos To Calm: Pulling The Pieces Together”, is just what the doctor ordered.

Dr. Annika demonstrates that there is a better way. She presents an easy to understand plan to climb up from the depth of stress, into the heights of happiness with a little help, a surefire treatment methodology. Inside the pages of “Take Stress From Chaos To Calm: Pulling The Pieces Together”, the reader will learn about “The Wheel of Life”, which includes eight key areas: Personal Development, Health, Work, Money, Networks, Intimacy, Free Time/Hobbies, and the Surroundings.

Dr. Annika provides exercises and workbook type tasks that challenge the imagination, and triggers a close look into their own mind. “Take Stress From Chaos To Calm: Pulling The Pieces Together” tracks a Case History and shows that “There is hope”. During a recent interview, Dr. Annika stated: “My mission is to help people avoid becoming ill from stress and overload. I work with personal mentorship helping my clients find their specific needs to get back on track. Together we take a mental “helicopter ride” above your situation, combining a view of your total life situation with the more traditional medical approach since your health is the result of your overall situation. From there we make your plan to get to where you want to be. It is about how to find your best self, re-energize and participate in life the way you want to.”

About Dr Annika
Dr Annika is a medical doctor who has practiced in the Public Health System in Sweden for 25 years and specialized in family medicine and health promotion and strategies. During the last few years, she has changed her focus from disease to health, with an emphasis on stress, health promotion, work assessment, systematic health environment and other business related issues. She offers her services in her office, in your office or via Skype for her worldwide clients. She is also doing speaking on all of these subjects.

For complete information, visit: Take Stress From Chaos To Calm: Pulling The Pieces Together

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