Dr. Asa Andrew: Lifestyle Mentor for Healthy Life

Dr Asa Andrew, specialist in nutrition and wellness, has developed a particular eating plan, The Anti-Inflammatory Diet, to help people fight against the effects of today’s way of life on their health.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2014 -- Dr. Asa Andrew has achieved the educational degree with specialization in mass media, education, and research to help others live an astonishing life. He has addressed a wide variety of topics that includes digestion and appropriate food selection, how to stay away and rid the body of toxins, the vital roles of rest and work out and in a way how life desires to be lived daily in a fit approach so as to get a Healthy Living.

These days most of the health challenges are caused by the inflammation from atmosphere and food. It can damage cells and arterials walls; moreover it can also create problems like digestive disorders, high blood pressure, cholesterol and several other diseases.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet made up of equivalent quantity of lean protein base, low carbohydrates in the form of fruits and vegetables, and high-quality vigorous fats. Dr Andrew is a certified nutrition specialist who merges the principles of naturopathic medicine, usual medicine, diagnostic testing, acupuncture, chiropractic medicine, and physical therapy. He has constructed a new system of study that allows people to take accountability of their own health. As health trainer and wellness mentor, he authorize lives through scientifically-proven principles to aid people achieve and maintain healthy life.

Moreover, Dr. Asa is well known as America’s heath coach, also he is an anchor of fastest growing radio and television show regarding transformation of health and your life in North America. He has also appeared on many show like Good morning America and 700 clubs, he is a health and fitness contributor to CNN, FOX. He is highly praised internationally in health makeover, fitness, lifestyle and nutrition.

About Dr. Asa Andrew
Dr. Asa Andrew works with you to set up a personalized health managing strategy. His expertise is revealed in the use of an extensive range of natural therapeutics. He has operated many health challenges with an ease. He presents them a fit lifestyle to ease their strain and to escort their life happily. Through his association, he has brought in the flair of different specialists’ right at single place.