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Dr. Dave Clarifies on the Relation Between Telomerase and Glioma Based on Recent Scientific Study


Fleetwood, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2014 -- A recent study in southern California lab based in the same University as Telomere Nobel Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn has shown certain relationships between long telomeres and brain cancer Glioma. Dr. Dave Woynarowski, MD who is considered by many as leading anti-aging and telomere specialist has recently shared his analysis on the study in his personal blog, DrDaveUnleashed.com.

In the article titled ‘Telomerase and Cancer Part 8’ Dr. Dave has thoroughly responded to internet news entitled ‘Long Telomeres May Increase Cancer Risk’. Dr. Dave has consistently shared his analysis on similar scientific studies and explained how media has in-corrected reported such findings simply to increase their own readership and advertising money.

In the latest study, Dr. Dave states that the research was on a rare and deadly brain tumor Glioma and that the lab found association between Glioma and long telomeres. He further added there were numerous mutations found linked to the brain cancer which are termed as SNPs or single nucleotide polymorphisms which are caused due to one change in one molecule of DNA.

In the latest Telomerase and Cancer article he adds that it has become a common practice for cancer researchers to study SNPs because if they can be reproduced in animal models further research could be done. However Dr. Dave says, “Most human cancers do not occur as SNPs but rather as epigenetically driven changes.”

The article further elaborates on how what the study has concluded is not what the media is reporting. According to Dr. Dave the researchers of Glioma were saying, “Mutations in the area of the telomerase gene are ASSOCIATED with one rare Cancer.”

Full article and previous 7 parts on the topic Telomerase and Cancer can be viewed on Dr. Dave’s blog where he has consistently shared common misconceptions related to Telomerase and untruthful medical reporting on the subject since 2007.

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