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Dr. Dave Explains the Difference Between TA-65 Versus Other Telomerase Activators


Fleetwood, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- Dr. Dave Woynarowski has recently published an article in his popular personal blog, which clearly identifies how TA-65 is different from other Telomerase activators. Emergence of products focused on ‘Telomeres’ has now become a common trend as the supplement industry is going through a major alteration after the discovery of relation between ‘Telomeres’ and aging.

‘Telomeres’ which live at the end of chromosomes are responsible for protecting the DNA from unraveling. However, with time and poor lifestyle choices these Telomeres become shorter losing their protection abilities and resulting in death or mutation of cells. The 2009 Noble Prize in Physiology or Medicine was given to a group of biologists for their study on ‘Telomeres’ and ever since many supplement and nutrition providers are claiming they have the next secret anti-aging formula.

To avoid falling for methodically structured claims, Dr. Dave has offered his expertise on clearly explaining the difference between TA-65 versus other Telomerase activators. He reinforces that TA-65 is still the only commercially available product that actually lengthens Telomeres, which is the key to both longevity and youthful appearance. He further informs that the all natural TA-65 is also the only product that has been proven and tested on human beings. He also notes there are several more human trials underway at this time including a randomized double blinded placebo controlled study started 6 months ago.

As far as the other supplements out there, Dr. Dave says this fault lies in the testing and that many companies that are offering the next Telomerase activator have not performed a comprehensive research on what they are selling. The manufacturers neglect to provide human trials and ‘pharmacokinetic’ data, which describes how the supplements are distributed through the gut then blood volume and ultimately the cells states Dr. Dave. He adds that these ‘not false but altered’ claims are coming from companies that are focused on MLM or simply want to ride the next trend for financial gains.

He also notes that many of said companies have backed way off their “telomerase activator” rhetoric but some of their distributors have not gotten the message.

Dr. Dave has become a leading doctor for discussions on ‘Telomeres’ and ‘Fish Oil’. He has shown that he is not afraid to point out the discrepancies in today’s medical field and has even questioned the intention of many prominent companies in the pharmaceutical industry. He suggests that in today’s world where financial value has become a priority even in sensitive fields such as medicine, people should consider doctor developed pharmaceutical grade health products only.

His comment, “ I take everything I make long before I offer it as a product!” shows a willingness to experience exactly what his customers will and allows him to make realistic statements about his Dr Dave’s Best supplement line.

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