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Dr. Dee Carroll TEDx Talk Delayed Brand and Book, Emotional Emancipation Still Set to Launch This May


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2018 -- Dr. Dee Carroll's TEDx Talk for TEDxWilmington has been postponed. Initially, the event was set to take place May 15th, 2018. However, it is now targeted to commence later in the year. The talk was to discuss "Emotional Emancipation," an approach to life that shows how someone can work through hardship and struggle to achieve success. Dr. Carroll will still be present at the event in Wilmington, DE, however. "These TEDx talks are vital for growth. They help people reach their potential. While my talk has been postponed, I will still be in attendance to listen to the outstanding panel of speakers. There is sure to be plenty of opportunity for growth and inspiration."

Dr. Carroll has directed her career towards the help and support of others on their path towards "Emotional Emancipation." Dr. Carroll coined this term to describe how someone can go from feeling victimized by the tragedies and hardships of life to seeing them as a chance to grow and change. "My book, Emotional Emancipation, helps people see adversity and change as a way of building up the skills necessary to continue to succeed in the future. Often, we feel alone or that our battles are uniquely ours to fight. This is not the case. Once we realize that overcoming struggle is a part of everyone's life, once we accept this fact and take responsibility, we can change our approach to life's obstacles. This new, positive approach leads to success and lasting change." Her book and brand will launch this May on schedule.

Dr. Carroll bases her guidance off of her own struggles that nearly wiped her out. The book is both a reflection of her past and a way of letting people know that they are not alone. Later this year, she will present her talk illustrating both her past experiences and her lessons she learned that helped her climb to new successes. She will show how anyone with the right attitude can rise from the ashes like the Phoenix and reinvent themselves. "I look forward to coming back later and presenting my talk at a future TEDx event. I hope to share many of the core, such as how to navigate the constant struggles we experience in life. I hope to serve as a guide for those who feel defeated and alone by the struggles life presents to us. Only through facing our struggles, taking them head-on, and growing from them, can we begin to live the life we desire," explains Dr. Carroll.

Sought after and gifted, Dr. Carroll is an engaging speaker, coach, seminar host, and consultant with a long list of established clients including Washington Headquarters Services, Department of State, Executive Office of the President, Howard University, Georgetown University, and many others. Look for her book this month.

Visit Dr. Dee Carroll's website for more information on her work as an inspirational speaker, for additional tips such as 30 second quick fixes for reinventing yourself, and for advice on making the initial steps towards emotional emancipation.