Dr. Drum Becomes the Best Beat Making Software


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2012 -- Dr. Drum is launched to offer a good and low cost music making software. In order to produce the enjoyable music like that produced from DJ, users always required to have expensive facilitates and equipped with knowledge of music making. Dr. Drum Review explained that Dr. Drum is the best music making software, which can produce professional music from the user-friendly interface quickly. At the same time, Dr. Drum still keeps the low price.

In order to product wonderful music, users need to buy expensive facilitates, such as drum, keyboards, etc. The cost is sometimes very high, which users cannot afford. From Dr. Drum Review, Dr. Drum is equipped expert components such as 16 Track Sequencer, 12 Pad Drum Machine and 4 Octave Keyboard. The 16 track sequencer from the music making software is sufficient to compose any music in a quick way. By just clicking, the best beat making software can adjust the volume and tones of each track. Dr. Drum Review mentioned that Dr. Drum can even help to create videos with your beat, and upload directly to the users’ YouTube. Equipped with 12 Pad Drum Machine, Dr. Drum, the best beat making software, can help to provide the wonderful drum music.

Dr. Drum Review also found that Dr. Drum provided with a great database of mastered sounds. Users do not need to spend extra time to master the sounds. The music making software encourage users to create music, by “drag-and-drop”, the music created by users can be easily imported into Dr. Drum, the best beat making software. Dr. Drum Review explained that Dr. Drum also consists of 4-octave keyboard. Users can add the music from Pianos, Synth, Guitars, and Strings by the best beat making software. Dr. Drum has additional feature of automatically creation of full 4 octaves.

The music making software can help to scan the music imported, and determine the full 4 octaves from the music. Although Dr. Drum is a professional music making software that has a lot of features mentioned above, it does not require users to have a series of trainings, because the user-interface are simple and easy to understand. Dr. Drum Review even found that Dr. Drum offers comprehensive free tutorials to help users to familiarize the user-interface.

In addition to the training, Dr. Drum is the best beat making software that does not have high configuration requirement to your computers. Users do not need to buy extra sound card in order to install or run the music making software. From Dr. Drum Review, Dr. Drum has high compatibility, which people can install in both PC and Mac.

There is a lot of music making software in the industry. Dr. Drum Review recommended Dr. Drum in several reasons. Other music making software uses MP3 format to import and export music. MP3s are music files that have been already compressed, which cannot match industry standard. Using the MP3 database to create MP3 music, the music making software will create music with poor quality. Most of the music making software only provides poor database with little music. The music is only from amateur musicians which is not professional. On the other hand, Dr. Drum is launched with a huge database of music, which is the best beat making software in the industry.

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