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Dr. Forrest Hannan in Glendora, CA Announces the Educational Dinner Engagement for Diabetic Patients


Glendora, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- At the Diabetic Educational Dinner, Dr. Forrest Hannan, D.C. discusses how traditional diabetic handling includes prescribing one or more oral medications to manage the disease and as the problem progresses more types of insulin will be required. These drugs will need to be taken for the rest of the patient’s life. As a result, research shows the use of insulin increases the chance for complications which include heart problems, stroke, cancer, neuropathy, eye problems, kidney problems, and any cause of death when compared to oral medications..

Dinner participants are enlightened by Dr. Hannan and his quest to explore the "why" of diabetes instead of treating all patients "like" a standard diabetic. What Dr. Hannan has found is that most people, who are diagnosed with diabetes, are given the “standard cocktail” of drugs that include blood sugar, cholesterol and high blood pressure medications when the first choice should be finding out what the problem is and then fixing that. Diabetics who are suffering and sincerely want to get better seek out Dr. Hannan. He is available for consultations to qualify diabetics for his program which is highly effective and produces real results.

For those looking for a Type II Diabetes doctor in the San Gabriel Valley or would like more information on diabetes reversal solutions please visit www.sgvalleyintegratedhealth.com . They may also contact Dr, Forrest Hannan by calling his office at 626-914-1805.

About Dr. Forrest Hannan, D.C.
Dr. Forrest Hannan, D.C. has Post-graduate training in Functional Endocrinology and Clinical Nutrition. Dr. Hannan specializes in helping diabetics reverse their diabetes. He accomplishes this by looking for the root cause of a person’s diabetes with thorough testing. He tests the blood, urine, saliva and the stool. Now this is comprehensive testing! What he finds with his testing is that all diabetic have different causes or mechanisms for their disease.

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