Stone Smiles

Dr. Frank Stone, Stone Smiles Presents BioEsthetic Face Rejuvenating Dentistry

BioEsthetics is the study of living things in their natural environment of health, function and beauty. Regarding BioEsthetic Face Rejuvenating Dentistry®, Dr. Stone says, “I have studied long-lasting, highly-functional and exceptionally-beautiful chewing systems for many years.”


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2013 -- The goal of BioEsthetics is the restoration of esthetics and function as opposed to a strong movement in dentistry today toward cosmetic dentistry only. When the function is restored properly the cosmetic result is beautiful.

As people age, teeth wear down until they’re almost flat. With the wearing away of the teeth, especially the back teeth, the face starts to sag causing a more pursed look around the mouth and eventually, wrinkles start to appear. Dr. Stone can restore a patient's youthful appearance by creating longer crowns for the back teeth, which lengthens the face and restores the patient's original facial architecture. “This takes away from that pinched look that makes your face look older,” says Dr. Stone.

Dr. Stone stated that, “As a BioEsthetic Dentist, I have undergone a rigorous four years of additional study and training specifically to diagnose and treat failing chewing systems as opposed to merely treating problems as they occur in outdated tooth-by-tooth 'repair' dentistry.”

He reiterates, “Functional maximization, smile restoration and face transformation is the goal of BioEsthetic Face Rejuvenating Dentistry.”