Fred H. Peck DDS

Dr. Fred Peck Completes CEREC Il and CEREC IIl Technology Courses

Dr. Peck flew to the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry, January 17-20, 2013 to attend CEREC Il and CEREC IIl classes for the new technology he acquired in June 2012. The $120,000 system precisely measures and produces crowns and veneers in a dedicated area of Dr. Peck's office.


Cincinnati, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- Dr. Peck received the first training class with the purchase of the CEREC machine, which is a precise system for creating one-visit chair side restorations such as crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers. The continuing education classes in Scottsdale, AZ were sponsored by doctors of the CEREC company. Dr. Peck felt honored that he was asked by the CEREC doctors to be a mentor of future classes, teaching the courses he completed recently. As Dr. Peck continues taking more courses he will be asked to mentor those completed classes. He said, “the doctors said that based on what they had seen of my work they wanted me to mentor and that was quite a compliment.”

When asked what he learned from the courses, Dr. Peck said, “I learned the intricacies and tricks of how to design one tooth at a time, design multiple teeth efficiently and how to design implant crowns. I’m looking forward to the last class which is the lab portion that teaches me how to match color and glaze to my patient’s natural teeth.”

Dr. Peck said, “I chose CEREC because the efficiency of this system is its best feature.” Some of the other features he mentioned are, “the savings to my patients that have to take a cab or find someone who can give them a ride just once instead of two or more trips, patients that are only in town for a day on business or a patient that needs something fixed quickly like a broken tooth or lost filling.”

Before CEREC, Dr. Peck needed to send all restoration orders out to a dental laboratory and they usually took a week or more to get the manufactured crowns and veneers back to Dr. Peck's office. Patients will no longer need to wait a week or two and then return for another appointment to have porcelain restorations permanently placed in their smiles