Fred H. Peck DDS

Dr. Fred Peck Offers His Patients BiteFX Technology


Cincinnati, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- Dr. Peck is committed to the effective treatment of the destructive effects of occlusal disease. He uses a presentation tool called BiteFX™ that uses animations to explain problems in a way that makes sense to his patients.

Dr. Peck says, “My patients easily understand what I am explaining to them about their bite when they see the animations. It used to be time consuming to explain and now it’s so much quicker for them to see what the problem with their bite is all about. Before I started using BiteFX they would look at me like I was speaking in a foreign language!” states Dr. Peck. He incorporates BiteFX™ as an essential element of the new patient exam.

“I used this product the very next day after I made the purchase. Since then I have used BiteFX™ with hundreds of patients as an educational tool. Using BiteFX™ animations, the patient is able to understand what is occurring in their mouth and with their overall oral health.”

With BiteFX™, patients understand complicated concepts that were previously difficult and time consuming to explain. Dr. Peck can also combine photos of the patient’s mouth with the BiteFX™ animations to give patients an even better appreciation of the treatment recommendations. To find out more information and details about BiteFX™, go to their website at