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Dr. Genter Is Now Offering Reconstructive Surgery for Skin Cancer


Jenkintown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2012 -- The discovery of skin cancer is always difficult for people, but patients of Dr. Genter can feel relieved knowing that they will receive the best care for skin cancer in Philadelphia. While dealing with something as serious as skin cancer can be daunting, finding a good doctor to help with the process does not have to be that way. So, this is why Dr. Genter is now offering the reconstructive surgery for skin cancer.

There are several different types of skin cancer with different levels of severity. Some need surgical intervention to remove cancerous growths or tumors while on the other hand some just need to be managed with topical medication. The consultations with Dr. Genter, a plastic surgeon in Philadelphia, will determine the severity of the skin cancer and a treatment plan will be devised for each client specifically. Whether it is laser surgery for skin cancer or other treatments, all that come in will have specified plans to recovery.

There are three skin cancer types that are diagnosed most often: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Basal cell carcinoma affects the basal cells in the deep surface of the skin and appears on the areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun regularly. Squamous cell carcinoma originates at the surface of the skin. Both basal cell and squamous cell tumors can appear as a red scaly patch with an inflamed base, a persistent nodule on the skin, or a skin ulcer. They are usually found on areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun, but can appear in other places. Melanoma is the most serious skin cancer, originating from pigment cells (melanocytes). Early diagnosis in detecting melanoma is very important in order for the surgery for skin cancer to be affective.

Dr. Genter also helps in the reconstruction of the affected areas after Mohs surgery. Dr. Genter uses both plastic surgery skill and artistic talent to preserve the normal form and function as much as possible.

About Dr. Genter
Bruce E. Genter, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a native Philadelphian. Born, raised and educated in Pennsylvania, Dr. Genter completed his General Surgery training in New York and his Plastic Surgery residency at Yale University Medical Center. Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, he returned to his home state in 1984 and began his practice in a university setting.

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