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Dr. Genter Now Performing Labiaplasty for Patients in Bucks County, PA


Jenkintown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- For some women, the quest to attain the perfect body goes further than just having breast augmentation done, a tummy tuck procedure performed, and liposuction etc. In fact, many women who are dissatisfied or are embarrassed about their labia (the skin surrounding their vaginal opening) are now considering labiaplasty in order to boost their self-confidence. Labiasplasty is a surgical procedure performed in order to reduce or reshape a woman’s labia. As a plastic surgeon who performs all types of plastic surgery in Bucks County, PA, Dr. Genter is now offering labiaplasty to his patients in Bucks County.

Women who often consider having labiaplasty are those who are born with thick, large, or irregular labia. However, some women do not develop this condition until after they have experienced hormonal changes, or have given birth to their first child. While some women consider labiaplasty to reduce discomfort during intercourse and while they are exercising, many other women are now having the procedure performed in order to boost their confidence, and relieve the embarrassment of being seen with an enlarged labia.

One of the things involved with a labiaplasty that Dr. Genter performs will include a superior technique in which he is able to remove or reshape the excess tissue of a woman’s labia. Additionally, Dr. Genter's labiaplasty technique creates a natural result and minimizes scarring to this sensitive area. To guarantee that the procedure Dr. Genter performs is a success, he suggests women completely refrain from doing any aerobic exercise, or having intercourse for about six weeks so that their incisions heal. For more information on Dr. Genter, and labiaplasty in general, please visit http://www.drgenter.com, or call his office at 215-572-7744.

About Dr. Genter
Bruce E. Genter, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a native Philadelphian. Born, raised and educated in Pennsylvania, Dr. Genter completed his General Surgery training in New York and his Plastic Surgery residency at Yale University Medical Center.