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Dr. Gentry Gonzalez Is One of a Few Dentists Using CEREC Technology


Birmingham, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2014 -- Dr. Gentry Gonzalez is a member of a small group of dentists who have the technology and skill to produce tooth crowns in their office. As you may know, crowns are typically molded and sent to a laboratory to be created before they can be fit into a patient’s mouth. This is no longer the case and Dr. Gonzalez is able to product crowns in his office.

CEREC is the powerful technology that makes same-day crowns possible. Dr. Gentry Gonzalez made made the decision and incredible investment to get a CEREC machine for his office—Valleydale Dental—in Birmingham, AL. Through intensive training and education, Dr. Gonzalez was able to learn the technology and skill needed to produce beautiful crowns for patients.

Now, if a patient requires a crown, they can schedule just one appointment for a crown. No more scheduling two or three appointments for impressions and fitting. No more waiting for a lab to return the crown. In just one visit, roughly one hour, Dr. Gentry Gonzalez and his team can mold a crown and fit it perfectly within a patient’s mouth.

CEREC makes dentistry more advanced and yet simpler. It definitely reduces scheduling hassles and saves people great amounts of time.

CEREC has not been embraced by all dentists because of the price tag of the technology—it’s a huge investment for any dentist, some saying it’s the single greatest investment they’ve made for their practice. However, Dr. Gonzalez has embraced the technology and made the investment for his patients in Birmingham.

About Dr. Gentry Gonzalez
Dr. Gentry Gonzalez is a top-rated dentist in Birmingham, AL. He provides numerous cosmetic, restorative and protective dental treatments from his office—Valleydale Dental. Birmingham residents claim he is one of the most reputable and gentle dentists in the area, along with his wonderful staff that provides exceptional, friendly service. Dr. Gonzalez—Birmingham’s outstanding dentist.

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