Dr. Geoff Heddle Optometry and Vision Therapy

Local Developmental Optometrist Announces Website Launch

Dr. Geoff Heddle launches new website as part of brand redesign.


Osceola, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2012 -- Dr. Geoff Heddle, a developmental optometrist and vision therapy expert, recently started a new practice in order to help those in and around Osceola. In order to allow himself to stay focused on his clients, Osceola-based Dr. Heddle hired RevBuilders Marketing to develop a new website for his business.

The new website was released this week, and is located at HeddleVisionTherapy.com. The website features information on vision therapy for parents and teachers, as well as an overview of the services rendered by Dr. Geoff Heddle.

Vision therapy utilizes a program of eye procedures in order to correct or reduce the effects of certain vision disorders, such as amblyopia (suppressed vision in one eye) and strabismus (physical misalignment of eyes when focusing).

“My passion, and what provides me with the most enjoyment, is taking care of my patients,” says Dr. Geoff Heddle. “At my commencement ceremony in optometry school, the keynote speaker advised us to, ‘Always keep the main thing, the main thing,’ and those words have stuck with me. My main thing is to ensure that my patients are well cared for, so I was happy to let RevBuilders do one of their main things and build a great website for my business.”

Dr. Heddle discovered RevBuilders Marketing through a direct referral from one of the company’s current clients, a developmental optometrist and vision therapy expert with multiple locations throughout Virginia.

Dr. Heddle has worked for a wide variety of clinics throughout the country, including sports clinics for professional athletes. His practice in Osceola marks his first effort to own a private practice. “Finding RevBuilders was a lucky break for me,” he claims. “They built my website, and the best part is that I’m not done with them yet. They will continue to help me by supporting marketing efforts for my practice.”

“Dr. Heddle is an absolute joy to work with,” says Matthew Small, Senior Graphic Designer at RevBuilders Marketing.

“We look forward to continuing to support Dr. Heddle’s marketing efforts,” says Scot Small, President and CEO of RevBuilders. “We’re eager to take on marketing responsibility so that Dr. Heddle can focus on his clients.”

About Dr. Heddle
Dr. Geoff Heddle has been providing for the vision needs of children of all ages as well as adults for over 10 years. His diverse experience includes time with professional sports teams as a vision consultant and medical team member as well as with police forces and Head Start school programs. Dr. Heddle is an associate of the College of Optometrists in Visual Development and is a member of multiple optometric professional organizations.

For more information about Dr. Geoff Heddle’s developmental optometry practice, visit HeddleVisionTherapy.com.