Dr. Jay M. Dutton, FACS of Midwest Facial Plastic Center Returns to Dominican Republic to Provide Surgical Aid for Locals

Chicago plastic surgeon, Dr. Jay M. Dutton, FACS will be returning to the Dominican Republic with the Rush Global Health team to perform surgery on patients living with facial deformities in Peralta, DR.


Oak Brook, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2014 -- Renowned Head & Neck Surgeon Dr. Jay M. Dutton, MD FACS, the head surgeon of Midwest Facial Plastic Center in Chicagoland, is pleased to announce that he will be returning to Peralta, Dominican Republic in a joint venture for the Advocate physician with the Rush Global Health team November 8-16, 2014. Dr. Dutton, who is double board-certified in Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery will be returning for his seventh year to the grossly underserved village, where he leads a team of surgeons performing cleft lip and palate and pediatric head & neck surgery.

Dr. Dutton has also lead two reconstructive surgery trips to Haiti, including in the immediate aftermath of the 2010 Earthquake. Locally, Dr. Dutton practices at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, IL and Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL.

Dr. Dutton will be returning to Peralta, Dominican Republic for the seventh year. Peralta rests in the mountains of the southwest corner of the Dominican Republic and has 7,200 inhabitants. Most of these people have minimal access to very basic medical care. This area is also notably congenital to pediatric malformations. The multidisciplinary team has been providing care in the area for nearly a decade. They have also undertaken non-medical projects, such as, restoring running water to the community, as well as, electricity that is available sporadically.

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Dr. Jay Dutton is double board certified in Otolaryngology and facial plastic & reconstructive surgery with advanced expertise in Rhinoplasty, Endoscopic Sinus surgery and facial reconstruction. He is still very active with teaching and training future physicians as the Chief of Divisions of Rhinology/Sinus Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery at Rush University Medical Center. The Midwest Facial Plastic Center team serves the greater Chicagoland area with two locations, one in Oak Brook, IL and the other location in Tinley Park, IL. Dr. Dutton and his highly experienced team offer cosmetic Rhinoplasty and Eyelid surgery, Facelifts, Eyebrow and forehead lifts, Scar revision, sinus surgery and reconstruction. They also offer non-surgical cosmetic procedures including injectables, such as, Botox and dermal fillers.


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