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Dr. John F Murray Lists Top Superbowl Speeches and Football Psychology Quotes


Palm Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- Dr. John F Murray is a practicing clinical and sports psychology expert who specializes in football psychology, tennis psychology, and golf psychology. Dr. Murray has worked with athletes at all of the highest sporting levels including the NFL.

Dr. Murray’s website lists some of the great quotes that he has heard and gathered throughout his nearly 15 years of experience in sports psychology & football psychology. Readers can find compilations and discussion of some of great Superbowl quotes here, as well as a list of general sports-related quotes that can be used by coaches.

When asked about his Superbowl pre-game speeches, former Miami Dolphins Head Coach Don Shula responded; “You don’t want to be someone that you’re not. The thing I tried to do is summarize what it took to get there.”

Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick took a similar approach before Superbowl XXXV. One of his players stated; “He said to approach this like any other game… We took a very businesslike approach. That’s what helped us. We didn’t get tight. We just worked the same way.”

Mike Ditka was slightly less humble while addressing his team before Superbowl XX. Coach Ditka simply told his team; “you won’t remember the money, but you’ll remember the championships”.

Some of these speeches may seem more “laid back” than the average NFL fan might have expected. The movie industry usually portrays the pre-game speech as a bit more emotional, inspirational, and energizing. This type of speech can play a great role in a movie’s plot, but in the real world it can actually do a disservice to the athletes who need to go out onto the field and perform.

“The team that gets too hyped has a disadvantage in the Super Bowl,” Dr. Murray said.

Dr. Murray also provides peak performance training to business executives, managers, and sales teams in a corporate environment. Many of the same mental coaching and performance techniques that work for athletes in the football psychology field can also be applied to the boardroom and throughout the everyday lives of Dr. Murray’s clients.

Some of the topics that Dr. Murray focuses on that make his coaching sessions so effective include stress management, imagery and visualization, improving mental toughness, and conflict resolution.

Individuals as well as respected media outlets have praised the services that are offered by Dr. Murray. John has appeared on CBS’s Good Morning America, The Tennis Channel, The NFL Network, MSNBC, Fox News, and more than 300 other television stations and radio shows.

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