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Dr. John F. Murray Now Offering Mental Toughness Coaching for Business Executives


Palm Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- The stress and pressure to perform at one’s peak and exhibit mental toughness when it’s most important can leave business executives physically and mentally exhausted. When the heat gets turned up and management is tasked with growing profitability, it may be time to consider calling someone like Dr. John F Murray; an executive coach and sports psychologist. Dr. Murray offers executive coaching for business managers who live and work in a high performance/high stress environment that requires mental toughness and focus.

Dr. Murray’s coaching techniques focus on teaching managers how to become more productive, reduce stress, manage more effectively, and sell more. Dr. Murray works with executives and business leaders in a private consulting capacity and has worked with a wide variety of clients in many industries outside of the sports arena.

The stresses and challenges that business managers will encounter in the present day business world require a high performance psychology approach. The underlying purpose of this approach is to increase workplace enjoyment, productivity, and overall performance. This approach also helps to enhance confidence, cope with difficult challenges, manage stress, and increase the mental toughness of mangers and their subordinates.

Dr. Murray has become one of the most trusted psychologists in this field and he has helped many business professionals achieve their goals. Dr. Murray has been praised by athletes, professionals, managers, and businesses business owners alike for his ability to coach and train them.

Among the clients that Dr. Murray has worked with is Tracy McGrady (7-Time NBA All Star & 2 time NBA scoring champion for the Detroit Pistons). After suffering from a microfracture in his knee and working with Dr. Murray, Tracy wrote; “After having micro fracture surgery on my knee, I knew it would be a long road to get my body back into playing shape. I also knew that to complete my total recovery, I needed to get assistance from a mental coach. Dr. Murray helped me regain my focus after being out of the game for a long period of time. I used Dr. Murray’s techniques of positive imagery and felt the benefits immediately. It helped my game tremendously.”

Dr. Murray is an expert in taking the same mental toughness techniques that work for high-profile athletes and applying them in an executive coaching capacity. Dr. Murray can be effective as a life coach for couples, a stress management coach for a business team, or a one-on-one consultant for executives, managers, and business owners that require mental toughness.

About Dr. John F. Murray
Dr. Murray has been providing sports and clinical psychology services to help individuals, organizations and teams succeed for more than 14 years. He is a best-selling author and columnist, media resource for sports psychology, and seminar leader for business and sports groups worldwide on topics such as performance enhancement, mental health, general psychology, fitness, wellness, and lifestyle. He frequently appears on national television and radio, and his commentary is found almost daily in thousands of newspapers, magazines, and trade journals.

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