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Dr. Jonathan Golab Discusses Benefits of Using Sonicare AirFloss Tool

Flower Mound and Lantana dentist Dr. Jonathan Golab discusses how the AirFloss tool can improve gum health and maximize plaque removal.


Flower Mound, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2011 -- The recent introduction by Phillips of its AirFloss is changing American's flossing habits and that is a welcome sign, says Lantana dentist Dr. Jonathan Golab.

According to a survey conducted by Phillips Sonicare, 16 percent of Americans don’t floss at all, 37 percent floss less than every day and 50 percent don't floss as much as they should.

Using microburst technology, AirFloss delivers a rapid burst of air and water droplets to effectively and gently clean between teeth. Less than one teaspoon of water or mouthwash is needed to clean the whole mouth within 60 seconds. This tool can make flossing easier, maximize plaque removal and improve gum health.

"This revolutionary piece of technology will entice you to floss, especially if you are the type of person who forgets to floss, you get agitated by awkward angles while flossing, or you don't have time to floss your entire mouth," said family dentist Dr. Golab, who offers porcelain veneers at his office. "Whatever your excuse, AirFloss will make you look forward to flossing."

The purpose of brushing and flossing teeth is to reduce the amount of bacteria that inhabits your mouth. Unfortunately, many people only brush, forgetting that flossing is the most important component in any good oral hygiene routine recommended by general dentists. "Brushing without flossing, is equivalent to only washing 65 percent of our body," said Dr. Golab.

Flossing removes the bacteria found within a mesh of mucus and debris known as plaque, Dr. Golab said. If you allow the plaque to remain in your mouth, it will eventually harden into a substance known as tartar. Unlike plaque, which can be removed by brushing, tartar can only be removed by a dental professional.

During consumer testing, 86 percent of patients reported that AirFloss was easier to use than conventional dental floss, according to a Dental Tribune post. After one month of using AirFloss, 96 percent of patients who previously flossed inconsistently continued to use AirFloss four or more days per week.

"If all of my patients invested in a good oral health tool such as AirFloss, their checkups would be quick and painless," said Dr. Golab. “Healthy teeth are priceless. The cost of an AirFloss is a small price to pay for something that removes 99 percent of plaque biofilm between teeth."

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