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Dr Joseph Goodman Offers His Cosmetic Dentist Services in Beverly Hills

Dr Joseph Goodman completed DDS in the US and DMD in Germany. He has been in practice for more than 2 decades and specialises in procedures ranging from general dentistry to full mouth restoration.


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- There are several dentists available throughout Los Angeles and specifically in Beverly Hills. While such big numbers provide options to people, they create confusion about the right choice too. Dr Joseph Goodman is an experienced cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills. Experience following the qualification is the main factor in making the decision about the right dentist anywhere. Dr Goodman has completed DDS in the United States and DMD in Germany. He specialises in cosmetic dentistry, dental crowns, dental implants, full mouth restoration, general dentistry, Lumineers, Root Canals and Veneers. He has been in practice of the profession for around 2 decades.

People often get confused about what should be the deciding factor for choosing the right dentist. Some of the common considerations that arise in mind are number of certifications, number of dental affiliations, distance of dental clinic in Beverly Hills from home or office and recommendation by the insurance company. However, a reliable dentist is he or she who has enough experience to execute complex procedures hands-on without confusing patients with long drawn lectures regarding pros and cons. Dr Goodman a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist who performs multiple dental makeovers every week. He successfully carries out procedures on the regular cases of 20, 22 or 28 crowns and veneers that he receives.

Beverly Hills dentist Dr Goodman started to serve as a dentist soon after of receiving the degree of qualification. He completed DMD from the renowned German institute that has produced globally recognised prosthodontics, holistic dentists and cosmetic dentists. Thus, he also has adequate knowledge of difficult and complex procedures of restorative dentistry such as implants.

Dr Goodman uses dental materials of only the highest grade. They are free from lead, mercury, formaldehyde, phthalates and BPA. He regularly carries out biocompatibility test of dental materials, safe mercury removal, laser dentistry and ozone dentistry. He personally promotes holistic approach of healthy living by writing about holistic dentistry for medical journals. He offers the advice to follow when looking for a dentist through various means of mass communication. The clientele of Dr Goodman is considerable too. Beauty pageant contestants, models, celebrities, TV anchors, dentists, physicians, etc. have come and do come to his clinic for treatment. He has been approached by former and current Playmates, guests on Dr Phil Show a well as regular people. Los Angeles Superior Court named Dr Goodman “an expert dentist” who has received several awards for his work.

About Dr Joseph Goodman
Dr Joseph Goodman is a DDS and DMD from the US and Germany respectively. He practises in Beverly Hills and has expertise in full mouth restoration, dental implants, root canals, dental crowns, veneers and lumineers. He has been in the profession for around 20 years and also lectures on various topics at various events.

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