Dr Joseph Obi Defiantly Defends Art Based Medicine Against Science Based Medicine


Belfast, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- Independent European Parliamentary Aspirant, Doctor Joseph Obi, has (once again) defiantly challenged Science Based Medicine to ethically (and comprehensively) redefine itself.

Responding to a rapid volley of questions during a recent political event , which was privately held in his honor, the Irrepressible Dr Obi(once again) boldly laid down the Gauntlet, saying:

"First and Foremost, this is not simply just a case of Joseph Chikelue Obi versus the Infallible Scientific Skeptic Cabals of Evidence Based Medicine. It is an Ethical Global Demand for Greater Professional Respect in relation to Art Based Medicine; which Science Based Medicine unfairly seems to be giving a Very (Very) Bad Name indeed.

Secondly , as previously stated on countless occasions, there is No Such Thing as Science Based Medicine in any Basic Statutory Definition of Orthodox Clinical Medicine ; anywhere in the World.  If there really was , then all Relevant Scientists (irrespective of prior qualifications) would be legally required to lawfully acquire a Statutory Medical License ; before gleefully issuing their Obtuse Therapeutic Diktats and Fanciful Pharmaceutical Prescriptions. That being said , anyone who cares should additionally be duly aware that the National Medical Practitioners Regulatory Boards (and Statutory Professional Licensing Councils) throughout the Universe primarily tend to regulate the General Art of Orthodox Clinical Medicine, not necessarily it's Flatulent Scientific Minutiae.

Thirdly, Orthodox Clinical Medicine is Predominantly an Art , Not a Science. It was not Joseph Chikelue Obi who first coined the Ancient Latin Phrase of Ars Medicina (Art of Healing);from which the term Medicine was originally derived from. Medicine has never ever been a Pure Science. It is not currently a Perfect Applied Science either. By default , an Imperfect Applied Science is technically an Advanced Form of Art. Go Figure!

Fourthly, over 75% of Orthodox Clinical Medicine is Not Evidence Based (at all). This is Joseph Obi actually being quite generous here, since some Top Professors are actually loudly claiming that over 85% of Orthodox Clinical Medicine is Not (Robustly) Evidence Based in any (Golden) Way, Manner, Shape, Calling or Form.

Fifthly, over 99% of Orthodox Clinical Medicine is Not Science Based (either).  Show me the Evidence, if ever you think that I am wrong. But before you start to voraciously attack Poor Little Doctor Obi , please calmly (and comprehensively) attempt to legally reflect upon the phrase Ars Medicina (Art of Healing) from which the term Medicine was originally derived from (ab initio). The aforementioned definition categorically came from the Glorious Medical Forefathers(very many ages ago), not me.

Sixthly, if Science Based Medicine is currently being given such Undue Worldwide Eminence ; then it is only right (and proper) that Art Based Medicine should equally be given Appropriate International Prominence too. The fact that Science Based Medicine does not clearly understand almost everything about Art Based Medicine is not a good enough excuse for ruthlessly attempting to perpetually brand it with a Monstrously Diminished Label.

Finally, (but not exhaustively), quite a lot of Independent Research Evidence currently suggests that a Very Huge Chunk of Science Based Medicine is not only Irredeemably Fallacious and Extremely Dangerous, but also a Major Lethal Threat to Public (and Personal) Health.

In other words , a Massive Amount of Science Based Medicine, in it's undiluted (or purest concentrated) form, strongly appears to be Potentially (and Lackadaisically) Tantamount to Scurrilous Pompous Quackery; (seemingly) of the Highest Clinical order.                    

Joseph Chikelue Obi, also known as The Amazing Professor Obi, is a Fully Qualified (and Government Licensed) Medical Doctor, who currently serves as Director-General (DG) of the IDPO; and is also an Aspirant in the 2014 European Parliament Elections.

He has successfully held the rank of Chief Political Strategist (CPS) of the Alternative Medicine Campaign; in addition to various other Outrageously Controversial Positions.

For Further Media Updates , please kindly visit his Official 2014 MEP Campaign Website at

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