Dr. Kazemi Provides Unique Facial and Oral Enhancement with His Effective Dental Practice

Many journals had been published by Dr. Kazemi which helps in providing all the related information to all patients and other dental associates.


Washington, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- Hamid Ryan Kazemi is a prominent maxillofacial and dental physician licensed by the US Board of Maxillofacial and Dental Surgeons. He now operates his own practice, the Centre for Facial and Oral Enhancement, situated in Bethesda, Md.

He started his own practice to offer a new type of experience for his professional co-workers as well as patients. Utilizing his almost two decades of expertise, Hamid Ryan Kazemi has gained this stand in market. His practice resolved the panics that lots of patients have while planning to visit some dental practitioner. Dental patients always want their work done efficiently, quickly and painlessly. Patients wanted a dentist they could totally trust.

His workplace has all latest technologically-advanced gear. The practices and tools are operated by personnel that are dedicated, kind to patients and offer special treatment. His patients have arrived to anticipate an exceptional experience, a place where they can freely convey, obtain dental education and make trustworthy relationships with their physician.

The Dr. Kazemi’s Dental center has grown into a lot more than an assistance and academic heart for dental patients. Dr. Hamid Kazemi has utilized his expertise to supply precisely the same forms of solutions for his associates. In 2010, Hamid Kazemi published his first book, to offer special information about the business. He also offers lectures, frequently writes materials and coaches his associates on related business issues, such as for instance choosing online reputation, procedures, greatest site practices, advertising and organizational concepts.

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Facialart.com is an official website of Dr. Hamid Kazemi, a maxillofacial and Dental surgeon certified by the US Board of Maxillo-Facial and Dental Surgeons. After completing his one-year internship at Albert Einstein Clinic, PH, he finished his medical education from Washington Hospital Center, there he received his qualification in Dental and Maxillo-Facial Surgery.

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